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First run of June 9th, 1885:

Actually, first two runs both belong to the :brujos:, but the first was leadoff hitter and LF Javier Tomé scoring on a passed ball against the :capitanes:.

Jesús Rosales, who was traded from the :peregrinos: to the :mulos: last winter, has now thrown four shutouts in his last five starts, for which his line is:

45 IP, 34 H, 5 ER, 26 K / 2 BB.

Rosales is possibly the single biggest acquisition of the 1884-85 offseason.

The :jueyeros:—one of the most potent offenses in Betances—is currently getting shut out 8-0 in the 7th inning by Jesús Rosales of the :mulos:.

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Pitcher dinger alert: Ricardo Aracena ( :criollos:) hits his second home run of 1885 and the third of his career, a 367-ft. shot off Jorge Ramos ( :leones:).

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Random interesting fact: the :cotorras: pitchers for this game are both surnamed Quintana—starter Luis and reliever Esteban.

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In the time it took us to write that, Vásquez scored when stealing third, on a throwing error from :electricos: catcher David García.

He's one of two :cotorras: to steal third this inning, the other being RF Ramón Galarza, who scored on an RBI single.

Cotorras down, 8-3.

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Bottom of the seventh: :cotorras: CF Raúl Vásquez doubles, scoring pinch hitter Rubén Beltrán and avoiding the shutout.

Cotos down to :electricos:, 8-1.

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The :electricos: batting order's dual-Jesús setup (CF Rosales at #3 followed by LF Kesi at #4) once again pays off: a triple and sac hit bring home runs 6 and 7 against the 's :cotorras: 42-year-old RHP Luis Quintana.

We should add that this was one out into the 2nd inning.

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Walk-off passed ball alert: :macabeos: win against the :gigantes: after the very first pitch to rookie 2B Víctor Espinoza goes past C Miguel Garza in the bottom of the 11th.

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Because I know you all enjoy my suffering, the :reyes: worked themselves back into a 5-8 game before RP Omar Sánchez loaded the bases.

Then it went: HBP score, wild pitch score, two-run triple, HBP, RBI single.

:tortugas: bat around, Reyes are down 13-5 in the top 9th.

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First HR of June 8th, 1885:

After his fellow :rebeldes: have been shut out for 8 innings by David Rodríguez (RHP, :potros:), 39-year-old LF Oscar Rodríguez (no relation) drives a 1-1 pitch 441 feet into right field. #2 HR for him, 2 RBI.

Next guy flies out. Moca loses 6-2.

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We missed this earlier, but the :cuervos:, who are—let's be very clear here—complete trash in 1885, managed a seven-run 4th inning to tie it up against the :guardacostas:.

Just now, in the bottom of the eighth, they've taken the lead.

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By striking out rookie :citricos: RF Luis Reyes, Héctor Gutiérrez of the :guardianes: achieves his 12th K and ties his team's single-game strikeout record.

Unfortunately, on the way there, he unleashed a wild pitch that let 1B Jesús Zúñiga score. He's down 7-3.

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Strikeout watch: Héctor Gutiérrez (RHP, :guardianes:), though currently down 5-2, has struck out 11 :citricos: through six innings.

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First run of June 8th, 1885:

Diego Rivera (3B, :citricos:) scored on an RBI single by his teammate, CF Carlos Sánchez, against :guardianes: pitcher Héctor Gutiérrez.

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Today's simulation covers June 8-9, 1885. Watch for:

:tiburones: (31-27, 9-win streak)
@ :murcielagos: (25-32)
:corsos: (29-29, 2 players on 7-G scoring streaks)
@ :picudos: (32-25)

:cotorras: (31-26)
@ :corsos: (29-29)


Are we still sad about Víctor Nieves retiring?

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Also happy about it, one imagines, is :pescadores: 1B Mario López, who became the second 1885 player to hit for the cycle with a 375-foot 2-run homer, doing so for the second time in his career.

He's the first one to manage the feat twice without being surnamed "García."

The other player to have done so this year? :pescadores: SS Carlos Elizondo, which makes these two the first pair of teammates to manage the feat in the same season.

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The :pescadores: are truly unadulterated garbage this year, but because their opponent today is the :rebeldes:, they've managed to go up 11-2.

No one is more thankful for it than LHP Juan Villagraña, who won his first decision in a 14-3 romp and has since lost 18 straight.

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