Gente: a win-win proposition for you.

Use code TAKE15 to get 15% off anything—yes, anything, even that Tibunachón :tiburones: yoga mat—at the Tiendita.

Plus, ALL proceeds from sales in the next two days will be donated to Adjuntas' (go :santos:!) own Casa Pueblo, an organization that has proven invaluable in creating a more resilient, autonomic disaster response for Puerto RIco.

The code expires 9/19 at 8 PM EDT, so act fast!


One of you absolute heroes just ordered enough that Casa Pueblo's getting $17. From *one* order!

You've got about 26 hours to use that TAKE15 code! Get 15% off everything in the cart *and* we'll donate all the proceeds straight to Casa Pueblo to provide electricity and other resources for Puerto Ricans who need it.

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