This latest Boletín covers April 20th-30th, 1871—so much stuff we had to divide it into two parts.

Part 1 covers everyone's most beloved team, the :ingenieros:—if you're enjoying these, consider subscribing (it's free!) to get them automatically.

@thomas As the local :ingenieros: superfan, you really need to check this one out.

@lnpgaceta hell yeah, Corre Maquina! Now, with the reset is this Nieves the original or the younger?

@thomas This is OG Víctor. He was having a *lot* of trouble getting started, but after his performance Friday, we think he might finally start to look like the great hitter he is.

Plus, even if he’s middling at the plate, he’s currently one of the best defensive RFs in the league.

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