Tonight's the night—the first night of the , that is!

The :tortugas:, :mulos:, :cafeteros:, :citricos:, :tiburones:, :lobos:, :grises: and :gallitos: want your vote—and you can start deciding tonight!

11 people filled bracket predictions, which you can check out at this link:

The quarterfinal round—matches, polls, rules and prizes—are below!

Quick reminder on the rules:

- Rounds go 5 days. Q-finals go May 2 - May 6.

- 1st place gets a special T-shirt and an individual 6" sticker.

- 2nd place gets the 6" sticker, plus auto-entry into the next tourney.

- 3rd place gets auto-entry into the next tourney.


Quarterfinals, Match #1:

(1) Llantuvia, the Sorrowful


(8) Ñoquilenga, the Obstinate

¡A votar!

Quarterfinals, Match #2:

(4) Tazastre, the Cataclysmic


(5) Conchazuda, the Exhausted

¡A votar!

Quarterfinals, Match #3:

(2) Tibunachón, the Conspicuous


(7) Lobravo, the Incandescent

¡A votar!

Quarterfinals, Match #4:

(3) Citrombo, the Acidic


(6) Crestundente, the Immodest

¡A votar!

Fewer than 12 hours left to vote for your favorite in the !

We will have news of the winners, all the resulting busted brackets, and more, tonight at 7:00 PM ET!

@lnpgaceta really thought the wolf would pick up steam on this website

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