Introducing: the first-ever :lnp: Mascot Bowl!

Our supporters chose eight teams to compete for the honor of having the best mascot, and thanks to @Louisa's excellent art skills, it's going to be a real humdinger of a decision.

You get to choose who wins! Read on for rules, prizes and more information, including the link to the bracket where you can submit a prediction!

- 3 rounds: quarterfinals (May 2-6), semis (May 7-11), finals (May 12-16)
- 3rd place determined by semis margin

1st place: T-shirt + sticker
2nd place: sticker + entry into Mascot Bowl II
3rd place: entry into Mascot Bowl II

All merch at:

Conchazuda the Exhausted ( :tortugas:)
Seed Number: 5
Pokémon Type: Water/Ground

After Culebra got bounced out of the postseason early despite having the mashiest outfield in the league, Conchazuda can only look appropriately disappointed.

Ñoquilenga the Obstinate ( :mulos:)
Seed Number: 8
Pokémon Type: Fire/Ground

"Ñoco" is a slang term for someone missing a knuckle, the implication that they'll keep arguing even if you cut them off there. That's certainly the spirit embodied here: the Mulos never, ever quit.

Tazastre the Cataclysmic ( :cafeteros:)
Seed Number: 4
Pokémon Type: Grass/Psychic

The Cafeteros sure needed to perk up in 1887, and boy, they must've really dug into the town supply, performing better than they have in years. This mascot certainly would've kept them honest.

Citrombo the Acidic ( :citricos:)
Seed Number: 3
Pokémon Type: Grass/Poison

After their first playoff ticket in 1885, the Cítricos sure soured on the prospect of returning to the torneo anytime soon. At least they've got the most adorable mascot ever to make up for it.

Tibunachón the Conspicuous ( :tiburones:)
Seed Number: 2
Pokémon Type: Water/Normal (very)

The Tiburones have succeeded in winning their division 17 times in a row, thanks to constant collapse from their opponents. Maybe that's why their mascot seems so deliriously happy.

Lobravo the Incandescent ( :lobos:)
Seed Number: 2
Pokémon Type: Fairy/Dragon

The wolf has a lot of reason to look backed-into-a-corner angry; the team he represents has been hard at work squandering considerable talent on both sides of the ball throughout the decade.

Llantuvia the Sorrowful ( :grises:)
Seed Number: 1
Pokémon Type: Water/Flying

The Grises did win back-to-back titles in 1882 and 1883, and trounced American teams in both years, so you wonder why Llantuvia's sad—but maybe the next few years of unmet expectations explain it.

Crestundente the Immodest ( :gallitos:)
Seed Number: 6
Pokémon Type: Fire/Fighting

Though the Gallitos have not been blessed with success during the decade, you can't deny their fighting spirit—after all, look at this rooster. It would kill you immediately with those talons.


The Mascot Bowl tournament opens on Monday, May 2nd, at 7:00 PM EDT.

Until then, if you want to check matchups and file a bracket prediction, follow the link:

We'll see you on Monday, and spread the word far and wide—we want a lot of buzz on this!

@thomas Ooooh, now this is an interesting pick. Breakfast Bowl!

@lnpgaceta that's right! the little coffee beans remind me of those little dust sprites in Miyazaki movies and the happy orange/cranky orange combo for Citrombo is adorable. It's my pick to win it all

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