We kick off the last month of the 1885 :lnp: season.

It's Víctor Nieves' last season of baseball, and we'll send him off by covering the 's :ingenieros: last two games, against the :petateros: and :atleticos:—and, as is now official broadcast policy, @Louisa'll be joining us for both games!

first pitch 7:00 PM

MAY 14, 21:
Of course, there's the possibility some of you enjoy actually good baseball—in which case you should join us for our first-ever playoff broadcasts!

We'll be following the :mulos: and :jueyeros: as far as either of them can make it in the 32-team torneo.

MAY 28-29 (¿?):
Whether it's either of these two teams, the much-heralded , or a team no one was expecting, we're covering every last minute of the Campeonato Nacional Puertorriqueño.


Due to a postponement, the :ingenieros: are actually scheduled as follows:

Game #1: @ :atleticos:
Game #2: vs. :artesanos:

first pitch still 7:00 PM!

@thomas Oh, yes. Otherwise it'd already be past first pitch for us.

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