On August 8th, 1885, Jesús Rosales made history.

Quick introduction: after 14 years with the :peregrinos: (during which he threw a 4-K, 2-BB no-hitter), Rosales joined the :mulos: in one of the biggest trades of the 1884-85 offseason and, due to Francisco Pinzón hitting 40, became their ace.

Rosales' line in 1885, through 38 starts:

2.31 ERA (122 ERA+) / 2.37 FIP (84 FIP-) / 1.12 WHIP
5.0 K/9 / 1.4 BB/9 / 0.3 HR/9
6 shutouts (career best)
7.2 WAR

Against the :rebeldes:, Rosales did better than usual—2 R, 7 K, 0 BB.

The runs: Andrés Silva groundout scored Jordán Gorbea, on base due to error, Gorbea sac fly scored Roberto Benítez, on base—you guessed it—due to error.

Mulos won on a homer from Ángel Hernández and a walk-off 2-run shot by José Chávez.

If not for them, Rosales would be the 2nd pitcher to lose a no-no—though he could take solace in being the first to throw one for two different teams.

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