We've got every possible angle on the end of the 1885 season.

It's the last two career games for Víctor "The Snowman" Nieves—the last of the original :ingenieros:—as Rincón closes another dismal season, looking at the torneo like an especially sad Dickensian orphan.

5/14, 5/21:
Only two teams with fandoms made it to September—the :mulos: and :jueyeros:—and we'll follow their progress until both are out, especially if they end up playing each other.

5/28, 5/29:
32 teams enter the playoffs.

Two teams make it to the Campeonato Nacional Puertorriqueño.

Only one team wins it.

We have legitimately no idea what'll happen, but like we did for the Caribbean Catharsis, we'll be covering the series in minute detail.

See you there!

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