For you Shohei Ohtani fans, pitcher and third baseman Iván Guevara ( :picudos:) is currently hitting in the #2 spot against the :valencianos:—which is a hell of a spot to put him in when he's dueling none other than Ricardo "As" Galarza, the new strikeout king of :lnp: rotations.


We can now say this because they're both broken up, but the Guevara/Galarza duel didn't have a single hit from either team until the 5th.

With José Sandino's three-run shot, the :valencianos: were up 7-0 on the :picudos:, just a few innings later.

Ceiba could turn this around—they prevented the shutout just a bit later—but it looks like their most sonorous bats just can't answer Galarza.

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