First run of June 9th, 1885:

Actually, first two runs both belong to the :brujos:, but the first was leadoff hitter and LF Javier Tomé scoring on a passed ball against the :capitanes:.

First home run of June 9th, 1885:

Rookie José Rodríguez (SS, :fundadores:), after swinging and missing on a 2-0 pitch from :polluelos: veteran Álvaro Manchacha, blasts the next one 408 feet away between left and center.

Solo, #3 on the season.


:tiburones: are down 5-3 against the :lobos:, putting their 10-game winning streak in danger.

:reyes: are up 2-1 against the :criollos: with one out left.

Héctor García (LHP, :pescadores:) just lost his no-hitter seven innings in, giving up a double to Jesús Ramírez (2B, :citricos:)

His team is still up, 2-1.

Fresh off hitting a home run in yesterday's 22-2 absolute ruination of the :patriotas:, Mario Méndez (LF, :maceteros:) hits another one against the :caciques: to give his team a 2-1 lead.

That home run has now been rendered completely useless by the Cacis, who have just put up an 8-spot in the 6th, capped off by a 372-foot 3-run dinger to left field by catcher Juan López.

:caciques: 9 - 4 :maceteros:, as we write.

The :ingenieros:, faced with Miguel González of the :toritos:, tricked him into loading the bases and allowing an error to score.

It's unlikely to hold for long, but for the moment, La Máquina is up 1-0.

Israel Reyes (LHP, :ingenieros:) is currently pitching the game of his life against the :toritos:—La Máquina is down 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th.

Top of the 9th and Reyes is unraveling—a balk just scored a :toritos: run, and he hit the next batter with a pitch, putting men on first and second, before allowing a single.

Bases loaded with . . . and he gets José Flores out. :ingenieros: down 5-2 with three outs left.


Two errors by the :toritos: allowed Oscar Valdez and Ramon Pallares onto base.

Francisco Valle reached on an error to load the bases, and Víctor "The Snowman" Nieves just hit a single—his first hit in all five ABs—to score two.

:ingenieros: tied, 5-5, with two outs left.

While we've been watching this, two guys named César García—one on the :cuervos:, one on the :vejigantes:—have both pitched shutouts, the latter against the normally quite fearsome :grises:.

¡Corre máquina!

:ingenieros: walk it off against the :toritos: in the bottom of the 10th!

1B Pedro Chávez scores on an RBI single by CF Ramón Pallares!

:samaritanos: vs. :avancinos:

5th inning: CF M. Cuesta: 3-run HR
7th inning: RF S. Chávez: 2-run HR
9th inning: 1B I. Araujo: 2-run HR

Last game of the night:
:tainos: @ :leones:

It's in the 15th goddamn inning. Jesús Rojas, pitching for the Taínos, has gone the distance on 11 H, 6 R / 3 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 190 pitches.

16th inning. Rojas is still in the game, having allowed 2 hits in the 15th.

Heriberto Carranza, Gurabo's closer, took over one out into the 16th, striking out Rodolfo Ordaz and Carlos Flores.

We're going to the 17th.

Gurabo is up 7-6 after an RBI single from LF David Gómez.

Ponce has a man on first with two outs left in the bottom of the 17th.

José Talamantes, 1-8 on the day now after a flyout.

2B Ramón Ramírez, switched to shortstop now, 4-7 on the day with 2 RBI, is up as the last out for the :leones: in—again—a 17-inning game.

Ramírez walked, but his successor at the plate, LF Carlos González, grounds out to second base to end the 17th and finish the game.

:tainos: 7 - 6 :leones:

@Louisa imagine tying the game, bottom of the ninth, on your first hit all day.

@lnpgaceta it's so good, he always* comes through

*not a guarantee

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