Today's simulation covers June 8-9, 1885. Watch for:

:tiburones: (31-27, 9-win streak)
@ :murcielagos: (25-32)
:corsos: (29-29, 2 players on 7-G scoring streaks)
@ :picudos: (32-25)

:cotorras: (31-26)
@ :corsos: (29-29)


First run of June 8th, 1885:

Diego Rivera (3B, :citricos:) scored on an RBI single by his teammate, CF Carlos Sánchez, against :guardianes: pitcher Héctor Gutiérrez.

Strikeout watch: Héctor Gutiérrez (RHP, :guardianes:), though currently down 5-2, has struck out 11 :citricos: through six innings.

By striking out rookie :citricos: RF Luis Reyes, Héctor Gutiérrez of the :guardianes: achieves his 12th K and ties his team's single-game strikeout record.

Unfortunately, on the way there, he unleashed a wild pitch that let 1B Jesús Zúñiga score. He's down 7-3.

We missed this earlier, but the :cuervos:, who are—let's be very clear here—complete trash in 1885, managed a seven-run 4th inning to tie it up against the :guardacostas:.

Just now, in the bottom of the eighth, they've taken the lead.

First HR of June 8th, 1885:

After his fellow :rebeldes: have been shut out for 8 innings by David Rodríguez (RHP, :potros:), 39-year-old LF Oscar Rodríguez (no relation) drives a 1-1 pitch 441 feet into right field. #2 HR for him, 2 RBI.

Next guy flies out. Moca loses 6-2.

Because I know you all enjoy my suffering, the :reyes: worked themselves back into a 5-8 game before RP Omar Sánchez loaded the bases.

Then it went: HBP score, wild pitch score, two-run triple, HBP, RBI single.

:tortugas: bat around, Reyes are down 13-5 in the top 9th.

Walk-off passed ball alert: :macabeos: win against the :gigantes: after the very first pitch to rookie 2B Víctor Espinoza goes past C Miguel Garza in the bottom of the 11th.

The :electricos: batting order's dual-Jesús setup (CF Rosales at #3 followed by LF Kesi at #4) once again pays off: a triple and sac hit bring home runs 6 and 7 against the 's :cotorras: 42-year-old RHP Luis Quintana.

We should add that this was one out into the 2nd inning.

Bottom of the seventh: :cotorras: CF Raúl Vásquez doubles, scoring pinch hitter Rubén Beltrán and avoiding the shutout.

Cotos down to :electricos:, 8-1.

In the time it took us to write that, Vásquez scored when stealing third, on a throwing error from :electricos: catcher David García.

He's one of two :cotorras: to steal third this inning, the other being RF Ramón Galarza, who scored on an RBI single.

Cotorras down, 8-3.

Random interesting fact: the :cotorras: pitchers for this game are both surnamed Quintana—starter Luis and reliever Esteban.

Pitcher dinger alert: Ricardo Aracena ( :criollos:) hits his second home run of 1885 and the third of his career, a 367-ft. shot off Jorge Ramos ( :leones:).

The :jueyeros:—one of the most potent offenses in Betances—is currently getting shut out 8-0 in the 7th inning by Jesús Rosales of the :mulos:.

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