Game #2: reigning :mulos: superfan Kristen ( joined us for the game against the :corsos:.

Neither team gave in until the bitter end, which meant a hell of a game, during which, somehow, there were jokes about triangulation and chartreuse.

During this game, Isidro decided to talk about how the :mulos: are famously a team that doesn't make errors, only for them to embarrass him by making several costly ones.

We made fun of him and then went to look up the data, and here's what we found: he's . . . sort of wrong.


The Ñocos aren't the top defensive team—you want the :navegadores: or the :vejigantes: for that—but they're certainly better than average.

The problem is that, in 1885, "better than average" is a .903 fielding percentage, and that's a bad metric anyway.

No fielding metric is perfect, but in defensive efficiency ratio, the Mulos hover around .020 better than LB average since the first Almanaques we have.

They just do it a little more clumsily than we're used to.

For reference, the average DER in :mlb: this past season was .693.

There are 78 :lnp: teams. We have data for 11 seasons of each. That's 858 individual teams with DER ratings.

Exactly one of those 858—the 1884 :vejigantes:—beats that mark, and just barely, with a .698 DER.

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