It's Friday, so let's try something silly.

Give us a random number between 1 and 4950, and we'll track down that :lnp: player and tell you as much as we can about their career.

I don't know why we thought this would take longer to happen, but:

With the second pick in the Friday numbers, @boisdevache selects:

#20 Ramón Moreno, current #3 starter for our beloved :ingenieros:!

Boy, do we have stories.

Let's just say there's a very good reason he's unhappy.

Ramón Moreno (#3761)—part I 

Some quick information:

Born: February 5th, 1862, in Ponce.
Height: 5'6".
Weight: 145 lbs.

Salary: 140 pesos, which is minimum :lnp: salary for 1885, and (very) roughly equivalent to $27,000 today.

Ramón Moreno (#3761)—part II 

Now, Rincón has never been known for their incredible scouting or development efforts, but signing Moreno made sense at the time.

He was 18 with what looked like plenty of potential.

What we can't explain is how he was considered the #30 prospect in his class when his control was rated at 8/100.

I suppose that explains how he managed to shut out the :samaritanos:, a team that should've had his guts for garters, *after* walking four of them.

Ramón Moreno (#3761)—part III 

Yes, we know we're dismissing a 23-year-old pitcher, but with a career WHIP of 1.57, about a wild pitch a game for most of his career, and an incredible tendency to avoid finishing games, it is rather difficult to believe that Moreno's going to get much better.

The :ingenieros: are no longer the most garbage pitching staff in the :lnp:, but Moreno is certainly a callback to those horrible late 1870s rotations they put together.


Ramón Moreno (#3761)—part IV, conclusion 

Is it possible there's a good arm hidden somewhere inside this 44-116 pitcher?

He's posted positive Wins Above Replacement for the last two years, which is usually a sign of improvement . . . but could just as easily mean the Inges have gotten that much worse while he's been on them.

Either way, you have to respect both Ramón—for continuing to take the mound 40 times a year knowing he works for a trash team—and that team, in turn, for sticking by him.

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