:lnp: fans, and general possible watchers of :lnp: baseball:

We're considering doing Spanish-language broadcasts in the near future, partly because our title ":lnp: En Vivo" confuses some people and partly because, well, it's a Puerto Rican league.

Would you be interested? We've divided up the poll for people who already show up for games and, just in case, people who would watch if we broadcast in Spanish.

(Sorry about the third draft here, y'all: we're terrible poll designers.)

@lnpgaceta I'll watch but probably understand nada. Fingers crossed, somebody will be described as having "pelo suelto" or un corazon fuerte so I can use my music vocab.

@mattamatic I think you’ll be roughly able to figure out what’s going on regardless, just by the tonality.

@lnpgaceta Voy a montar esto jugo de beisbol como un caballero que tiene solo una semana de escuela y no eschuchó a la profesora.

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