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As we get used to our new digs, we intend to announce stretch goals and other sort of frills, but we can promise we'll bring you the same commitment to high-quality fictional baseball journalism that has characterized the Gaceta since 2019.

If that interests you, help us out!

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If you want to know what kind of writing you can expect from our Gaceteros, here's our most recent deep dive, on the most famous game in :lnp: history.

We've got several more in various stages of preparation, and your support would certainly speed us up!

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For $3/month or more, we'll send you a form so you can add a player to the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña.

(Psst: Given that the 1886 Campeonato Nacional is wrapping up soon—possibly tomorrow!—now would be a great time to add one, in time for the 1887 offseason.)

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As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, due to various reasons, we've left Patreon behind as our membership service.

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If you haven't been listening to me call @lnpgaceta games, what better time to start?

The Brujos are up 2-1 in the 1886 national championship, but they're on the road—and neither team has their ace tonight.

More info:

Tune in at 7:05 PM EDT for first pitch:

Sorry for the short notice!

So far, the :brujos: are on a great start to the Campeonato Nacional, outscoring the :valencianos: 23-9.

But tonight, Guayama won't have their ace, who has ably shut down all but one of the Vales.

Then again, neither will Juncos—not that they'll miss him; Galarza's been lit up twice now.

Let Dro and @Louisa tell you all about it later, and enjoy some Friday night baseball!

first pitch 7:05 PM EDT

In 15 minutes, the :brujos: and :valencianos: are going to break a tie, one way or another.

Will they walk out of tonight at 2-2, or will one team set itself up for a dominant series win? Let @nsmckinnon and @Louisa tell you all about it.

first pitch 7:05 PM EDT


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The :brujos: and :valencianos: are tied up for the Campeonato as the series goes to Juncos.

The Brujos are still favored 81-19—but as Dro (@nsmckinnon) and @Louisa will happily tell you, that is somehow not *remotely* reassuring.

Come listen to them absolutely lose their minds—regardless of result!

first pitch 7:05 PM EDT


For this and a few other reasons, the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña is going to move off Patreon.

More soon.

selfie, ec, :lnp:/:ingenieros: swag 

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo of myself wearing my favorite piece of :lnp: clothing: a custom-made Mizuno :ingenieros: jersey with Víctor Nieves’ name and #13 on the back.

¡Corre máquina!

We didn't think to make this chart until after we'd finished the Gacetazo proper, but look at how ridiculous this is.

In this one game, the :bucaneros: batted around *seven* times and came close to doing so eight.

They sent an obscene 87 men to the plate, opposite the 's :valencianos: 39.

In other words, the Bucas got a 1-2-3 inning—a thing that happens all the time when a team is on their A game—fewer times than their lineup batted around—a *much* rarer thing.

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We don't intend to spend 4,997 words on every single LNP baseball game, but in all fairness, we felt that you deserved to know exactly how this game went down.

Plus, we're pretty proud of figuring out how to display a running box score throughout the article.

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Last Saturday was the anniversary of the first article on the new Gaceta.

We missed it—because we were working on remastering the first Gacetazo we ever published, and it took us two whole days to finish it all.

Now you, too, can know every detail of the most famous single game in :lnp: history:

The :brujos: shut out the :valencianos: 5-0 to open the Campeonato Nacional Puertorriqueño.

Unfortunately, they need three more wins to wrap it up.
Fortunately, you can still see if they can get the second one!

Live now!

The :brujos: have won the pennant in their very first torneo.

Can they make history and win the title? They’ll have to beat the :valencianos: to do it.

first pitch 7:15 PM EDT


Not only did the :brujos: take the pennant in their first-ever postseason appearance, but to do it, they steamrolled Luis Maldonado of the :leones:—a pitcher they have every reason to hate.

After all, it was against the 1879 Brujos that Maldonado threw the first perfect game in :lnp: history.


The :brujos: take Game 3, 5-2.

The :leones: now face a 3-0 deficit in the Campeonato de Las Ligas.

Can they come back from it?

You'll just have to watch Game 4 to find out.

Live now:

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