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We've just sent off our first donations to Casa Pueblo ( and Brigada Solidaria del Oeste ( from Tiendita sales.

If you want to help, and you want a cool shirt while you're at it, 100% of the proceeds from this design by @Louisa go to BSO:

Can you imagine pitchers trading nothing but ~82 MPH fastballs for 4.5 innings?

Guess what: if you tune in, you won't have to imagine it. The :ingenieros: and :atleticos: decided to make the weirdest bet in 1871 baseball history, and it whips.

No fancy graphics, but at 7:05 PM, @nsmckinnon and @Louisa are calling a ballgame: it’s the divided loyalty match of the :ingenieros: versus the :atleticos:!

No fancy graphics, but at 7:05 PM, @nsmckinnon and @Louisa are calling a ballgame: it’s the divided loyalty match of the :ingenieros: versus the :atleticos:!

Back at it again with T-SHIRTS 🎉

@lnpgaceta and I made a new one to support Brigada Solidaria del Oeste ( ) aiding Hurricane Fiona relief! Featuring a coquí, the tiny frog native to Puerto Rico, and the loudest frog in the world (with a little creative license to give it 🇵🇷 colors)

So you see how "it might be small but it sings very loudly" applies

‪If you’d like to donate directly to BSO, we’re certainly not going to stop you.‬


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If you'd like to help relief efforts *and* get an excellent shirt, 100% of proceeds on the sale of this :lnp: design (by artistic director @Louisa, natch) go to Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (, an island organization working to help the communities hardest-hit by the hurricane.


@whami Who wouldn’t? Do you *want* rogue coughs? Colds? Abundant chest discharges?

@whami That’s right. Our platform:

1) a ballgame every night, and
2) wood tar in every mug.

@lnpgaceta Are you going into politics? That's a lot of words for a non-answer.

@whami Is tea not made from steeped leaves, berries, et cetera? Are leaves not from plants, like wood is? Is tar not produced with heat?*

What we’re trying to say is, tea is just boneless wood tar.

* We actually don’t know the answer to this question.

I wonder how Dr. González would feel about a cup with his wood tar liquor branding merely being used for tea.

I've been adding things to my Threadless shop! I'd say it's for Halloween but I make stuff like this year round 🎃

I'll keep this thread updated with designs as I make them!

Because @Louisa is an absolute hoss when it comes to making art, we’ve got something a little less baseball-centric coming out later today from the Tiendita to help raise funds. Watch this space.

Hurricane Fiona, relief for 🇵🇷 

If you donated to any of these, and you feel like getting a shout-out during a fictional ballgame set in an alternate Puerto Rico (that probably has a much less damaged power grid, or will one year), e-mail me a receipt to and I’ll be happy to mention you during the next @lnpgaceta broadcast.

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One of you absolute heroes just ordered enough that Casa Pueblo's getting $17. From *one* order!

You've got about 26 hours to use that TAKE15 code! Get 15% off everything in the cart *and* we'll donate all the proceeds straight to Casa Pueblo to provide electricity and other resources for Puerto Ricans who need it.

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This latest Boletín covers April 20th-30th, 1871—so much stuff we had to divide it into two parts.

Part 1 covers everyone's most beloved team, the :ingenieros:—if you're enjoying these, consider subscribing (it's free!) to get them automatically.

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