We go live with tonight’s :lnp: games!

First (with @Louisa) the :ingenieros: travel to Culebra to take on the local :tortugas:

Second (with returning guest KristenCrossing), the :mulos: face off against the :guardacostas:

first pitch 7:00 PM

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And by the way, give Kristen a follow—she plays Elder Scrolls Online, Animal Crossing, and various other games!

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We're excited to announce that, the second week in a row, we're joined by :mulos: superfan Kristen!

This week, the Ñocos host the :guardacostas: (hi, @paolo) who are . . . well . . . they're certainly a baseball team!

first pitch ~8:30 PM

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After suffering a 13-K game, the :ingenieros: are headed off the mainland to face the :tortugas:, who have:

- a 12-5 home record;
- the 4th-most runs scored in Hostos;
- one of the strongest OF trios in the entire :lnp:

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, Rincón superfan @Louisa is joining us again in the booth!

first pitch 7:00 PM

By the way, if you think the :ingenieros: have had it bad the last couple weeks, they next get to face:

- the 21-12 :poetas:, who took La Máquina apart last summer;

- the 24-9 :tainos:, with 11-0, 0.46 ERA Francisco Cervantes on the mound.

When we told @paolo—the only :guardacostas: superfan of our acquaintance—that the :mulos: have a 71% edge, he replied: "'tis but a number."

That's the attitude we like from Cataño fans. Keeps it interesting.

first pitch ~8:30 PM

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After a closer loss than expected to La Nube at home, the :ingenieros: are back on the road.

Really, on the sea, as they make their way to the island of Culebra to face the :tortugas:—who are anything but slow or steady.

first pitch 7:00 PM

We could also call this series ":lnp: Playoffs Make :mlb: Playoffs Look Orderly and Sensical: The Squeakquel," but it wouldn't fit in a tweet.

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The first Serie Preliminar—"El Sacrificio," sometimes—is in the books, and only 16 teams remain in the Liga Nacional Puertorriqueña's inaugural postseason.

Only four will get to fight for the pennants. Read how they get there:

For reference, the average DER in :mlb: this past season was .693.

There are 78 :lnp: teams. We have data for 11 seasons of each. That's 858 individual teams with DER ratings.

Exactly one of those 858—the 1884 :vejigantes:—beats that mark, and just barely, with a .698 DER.

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The Ñocos aren't the top defensive team—you want the :navegadores: or the :vejigantes: for that—but they're certainly better than average.

The problem is that, in 1885, "better than average" is a .903 fielding percentage, and that's a bad metric anyway.

No fielding metric is perfect, but in defensive efficiency ratio, the Mulos hover around .020 better than LB average since the first Almanaques we have.

They just do it a little more clumsily than we're used to.

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During this game, Isidro decided to talk about how the :mulos: are famously a team that doesn't make errors, only for them to embarrass him by making several costly ones.

We made fun of him and then went to look up the data, and here's what we found: he's . . . sort of wrong.

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Game #2: reigning :mulos: superfan Kristen ( joined us for the game against the :corsos:.

Neither team gave in until the bitter end, which meant a hell of a game, during which, somehow, there were jokes about triangulation and chartreuse.

During this game, reigning :ingenieros: superfan and guest commentator @Louisa gave one of her favorite Inges, right fielder Víctor Nieves (a favorite), the nickname "The Snowman."

This may or may not have led to some of the most passionate graphic design in :lnp: history.

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Last night's Game #1:

The :ingenieros: extended their road trip to Las Piedras, where the :artesanos: have been trying to recapture their 1870s glory.

La Máquina has struggled to put wins together. They badly needed this one. Did they get it?


We go live with our Friday night games!

1) :ingenieros: vs. :artesanos: (with guest @Louisa) in a bit of a crafts dustup;

2) :mulos: vs. :corsos: for a taste of Liga Betances action.

first pitch 7:00 PM; come watch!

Ed Merrill (#4004)—part II, conclusion 

There's not much else to say: the man is only 24, but he's already showing signs of decline, and his floor wasn't all that high to begin with. That can't be good.

Mind you, just by playing *a* game in 1885 he's already outlasted the real Ed Merrill:

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Ed Merrill (#4004)—part I 

Some quick information:

Born: May 22nd, 1860, in Maysville, KY.
Height: 5'11".
Weight: 180 lbs.

Salary: Roughly 132 pesos, which is $25,400. Christ. Backup second basemen deserve a living wage too.

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