José Cisneros hits his first home run in professional baseball. (He will end the year with five.)

José Cisneros is awarded the Defensor Acutísimo at center field.

José Cisneros comes in seventh place for Novato Nobilísimo.

Cisneros put up a 3.6 WAR season at age 22 with no minor league training and hitting .183. He's only going up from here.

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If you think the :lnp: is less wild for being fictional, a big counterpoint.

José Cisneros signed with Guaynabo.

José Lara, all-star CF for the :tainos:, is traded to Guaynabo . . . and isn't starting.

José Cisneros named #95 :lnp: prospect.

José Cisneros plays his first game of professional baseball.

José Cisneros gets his first hit in professional baseball. He has already scored four runs and stolen two bases.

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1885 Acutísimos—RF 

Luis Reyes ( :citricos:)
.943 FPCT, +12.9 ZR, 1.066 EFF

Most Citris aren't good fielders, but Reyes—another rookie!—is an impressive exception. His baserunning speed transferred well to defense.


Fernando Muñoz ( :cerros:)
.973 FPCT, +19.4 ZR, 1.089 EFF

Hormiga set the FPCT record for right fielders the same year he exploded all over the Hostos leaderboards. He's had a fantastic season.


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1885 Acutísimos—CF 

José Cisneros ( :conquistadores:)
.962 FPCT, +25.7 ZR, 1.080 EFF

1885 José Cisneros is 9th in single-season FPCT, 7th in efficiency, and 1st in ZR.

José Cisneros didn't play before 1885.


Pedro Livar ( :plataneros:)
.944 FPCT, +18.3 ZR, 1.057 EFF

The Plataneros make unlikely playoff runs, and it's because guys like Livar make outs other teams would simply have to live with.


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1885 Acutísimos—LF 

Carlos Chávez ( :palomas:)
.922 FPCT, +9.2 ZR, 1.050 EFF

Chávez came in second in LF assists in Betances, which got him the award when combined with his excellent route running.


Mario Ortega ( :esqueletos:)
.947 FPCT, +15.1 ZR, 1.076 EFF

Having said that, left field is an Hostos thing, apparently. Ortega's range and speed allowed him to start five double plays and record 12 assists.


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1885 Acutísimos—SS 

Víctor Flores ( :maceteros:)
.934 FPCT, +28.1 ZR, 1.108 EFF

As the Maces' once-terrifying rotation slows down, they depend more and more on guys like Flores, to stop runs.


SS, Hostos:
David Estrada ( :vaqueros:)
.920 FPCT, +37.6 ZR, 1.146 EFF

That ZR, a big part of why Bayamón finally made the torneo, is second-highest in a season.

The only higher one, a +44.4, was by . . . David Estrada.


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1885 Acutísimos—3B 

Felipe Tafolla ( :combatientes:)
.912 FPCT, +16.7 ZR, 1.059 EFF

At 32, he may be slowing down at the plate, but Tafolla still shows he's got plenty of sharp glovework left to offer.


Jesús Gonzales ( :atleticos:)
.915 FPCT, +19.8 ZR, 1.104 EFF

On top of all that, Gonzales put up the second-best hitting performance on his team. Too much for one hot cornerman's shoulders.


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1885 Acutísimos—2B 

Víctor Martínez ( :maceteros:)
.927 FPCT, +20.5 ZR, 1.084 EFF

Being an 1880s middle infielder is rough, but Martínez remains a strong defensive presence for Vega Alta.


2B, Hostos:
Esteban García ( :fundadores:)
.938 FPCT, +25.7 ZR, 1.129 EFF

Long live the new lockdown king. García's second Acutísimo in a row, meaning all three teams in his division have some great defensive second sackers.


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1885 Acutísimos—1B 

José Sandino ( :valencianos:)
.992 FPCT, +19.9 ZR, 1.149 EFF

The man nearly tied the record for 1B FPCT while leading his league in RsBI and putting up a 147 wRC+. We're in awe over here.


Carlos Martínez ( :amigos:)
.989 FPCT, +10.8 ZR, 1.085 EFF

A near-high-water mark in all respects for Martínez in his first year after crossing colors, since he was traded by the .


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1885 Acutísimos—C 

Alfredo López ( :guardacostas:)
.903 FPCT, +9.4 ZR, 51.2 RTO%

That last number won it for López. Only two other catchers have ever hit 50%, and both of them in the 1870s.


Carlos Hernández ( :vejigantes:)
.952 FPCT, +10.5 ZR, 41.1 RTO%

The Vejigantes emphasize fielding more than most other teams, and Hernández was key this year—don't have to throw to base if there's no one there!


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1885 Acutísimos—P 

Antonio Enríquez ( :soles:)
.943 FPCT, +3.7 ZR, 1.082 EFF

Well, it's something—Enríquez, a 20-year-old rookie portsider, led his league in wild pitches and walks and had the fewest wins. At least he showed some good glovework?


Jesús López ( :capitanes:)
.921 FPCT, +5.2 ZR, 1.187 EFF

Nice end to a 31-win, 1.54 ERA season that got him three postseason Ilustres as well as a second title.


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Before we get properly underway, here's a chart with the correct values for Antonio Enríquez:

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Yesterday, we presented you with the "winners" of the Misérrimo award—the worst the :lnp: had to offer on the defensive side, at least as determined by the simple, cruel math of counting up errors.

Today, let us wash that away with the men who won for knowing how to use a baseball glove.

It's time to present the 1885 Defensores Acutísimos.

Remarkably, the :murcielagos: have players nicknamed “Sourface” and “Two-Face.”

They could trade to the :cerros: for “Horseface” and complete the trifaceta!

While we’re presenting awards, the 1885 Most Game of Thrones Ass Name in the League Award goes to:

Cristón Larios (SS, :petateros:)


Bunts & bundts 

At 8pm Eastern (half an hour from now) please join @lnpgaceta and myself to watch the best bunters in the fictional 1880s LNP baseball league sort of play baseball, in the Bunt Off! (The game was pushed back from the time listed in the following post)


Did I break out the tiny bundt pans for this occasion? Of course

Out of an abundance of caution, and absolutely not because we got owned by OOTP 22 attempting to stop us from pulling this off, the Bunt-Off is on a slight delay.

first bunt now 8:00 PM

still at twitch.tv/lnpgaceta

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Gente, we have some important news to tell you:

Our first attempt at setting up the bunt-off file is dead, due to OOTP somehow managing to corrupt the player database.

For reference, MLB errors leaders, 2019:

AL: Tim Anderson, :whitesox:
(26 E / 123 G: 0.21 E/G)
NL: Jean Segura, :phillies:
(20 G / 144 G: 0.14 E/G)

These guys:
González: 1.12 E/G
Herrera: 0.96 E/G
Rojas: 0.97 E/G
Novoa: 1.06 E/G
López: 1.00 E/G
Valle: 0.83 E/G

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