If you want to watch a good game today, ESPN is showing the ' Kerry Wood 20 strike out game today at 1pm central.

Here is an interview about the game that I never saw when it came out 2 years ago: espn.com/blog/chicago/cubs/pos


is cancelled too? I wonder if opening day is even going to happen for .

It's the bottom of the 6th and the haven't had a single hit. I regret checking. 😬

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I do wonder about all the concession workers and how they are losing out on many paydays. Be kind to them

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Space Jam upon hearing the NBA suspended their season.

The are leading the 1-0. It's only the top of the 2nd, but if the Cubs lose on my birthday I will be sad lol. I really wanted to be there this year, I likely would have been at this game. Fingers crossed I can do it next year!

I got to go to once (for the of course), in 2008. It was a lot of fun. We went to 3 games - 2 at Hohokam, and 1 at the Angels' park. I've been wanting to go again, especially now that I have a friend living in a Phoenix suburb, but the budget hasn't allowed for it.

This article was a fun read about it. Not quite like being there, but it definitely reflects the atmosphere out there. espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/288109

They also let you choose your team logo as the app icon, which is surprisingly nice.

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I feel like I'm shilling for them, but I really like the app. I downloaded it to see if I could set up game update notifications, and was pretty impressed with it. I needed something like this because I miss so many games due to work. I'm excited to be more in the loop this year.

"Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace says the team is planning to have Mitchell Trubisky as its starting quarterback in 2020, but wouldn’t commit to exercising the club’s fifth year option on the former first round draft pick."

Hey, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel!

The scoring first is always a good start to a game.

I didn't watch the game last night (which is probably a good thing for my health lol) but now everyone is talking about Mahomes counting to 10 (as in being 10th pick when he was drafted, whereas our joke Trubisky was 2nd). He did nothing wrong, he should call out the . Everyone should lol

Man those laterals made it so close. That was a good ending even though we lost.

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I'm seriously shocked that he almost caught that ball holy shit. Too bad man.

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