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Even in this trying time we surely can come together and agree on just one thing, the Yankees suck

I have to think if he crossed over the next hour. They were of a Jason Garrett, being absolute milquetoast garbage but somehow eternal

Cleveland please respect tradition and change your team name back to the Spiders

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Cleveland Spiders used to be the MLB team name. Way better IMO

I only ever used Tumblr to follow Will Leitch and I feel better for that decision

Cursed hockey pic

*it's not Crosby, all you haters. count the rings baby!!! 1,2,3*

I’m ashamed to say that while I knew Édgar Martínez’s name before this doc, I had no clue just what a god damn baseball superhero this man was.

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@​ItsJenNotGabby@​ the best sports meme (I'm biased because Haley is an underrated classic

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