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friendship ended with baseball, now cricket is my new best friend

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Test Cricket's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

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if you are being touted as one of the greatest QBs ever and your coach calls a gutless play with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line and you don't ignore it and call your own play you aren't one of the greatest QBs ever

stanley cup, world series, superbowl

somewhere in tampa bay there is a coven of sportsball loving witches and they are serious as shit

he single-handedly puts a damper on my support for Catalan independence

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i manage the biggest teams with the greatest players and obscence amounts of money

i'm a genious

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Absolute scenes at the world indoor bowls championship. One guy is playing in shorts and in the absence of a crowd they've got the recorded clapping going. Wild

story time:

my dad was a high school basketball coach and attended a coaching camp run by Bobby Knight (asshole) when he was coach of Army

Coach K (dickhead) was one of the Army assistants running the camp

whenever there was an IU or Duke game on tv, my dad would just mutter 'i hate him' whenever either of those fuckfaces appeared on-screen


don't think you can blame Wilson on that though, just a weird fall

also, Chad Henne is still around!!

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