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friendship ended with baseball, now cricket is my new best friend

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Test Cricket's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

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i'm watching tour de france and there's beef over whether the current stage leader was wearing socks that are too long, sports are very silly 🚲🚴🏻‍♂️

i watch every :pirates: game hoping Vogelbach shouts “O’Doyle Rules”

@kevinwhipwrecked I don't wish injury on anyone so I hope he does great and then before he gets to the league he quits football to pursue his true passion, selling insurance

What Do You Wish On Arch Manning?!

Mike Trout will be the Charles Barkley of baseball

Chet Holmgren will either be All-NBA for the next 15 years or crumble into dust in 2 seasons

No in-between


About to head to Citi Field. Rooting for @Pixley team to keep it up this weekend

Mickelson looks like that creep sitting in the corner of the strip club

@kevinwhipwrecked weird, I keep rubbing my eyes but this still doesn’t look like :ny_yanks: vs. :dodgers:

also, Joe Root reached 10,000 runs today and tied *to the day* with Alastair Cook for the youngest player to do so. mad coincidence!

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The England men's team have won a test match!! I repeat, England have WON A TEST MATCH

Italy v German means time to go back in time and root for Carthage

look, i don’t care if Ingerland ever win the World Cup and it’s way funnier when they crash and burn

BUT :stephena:

they mostly seem like really good dudes and they have to put up with all the bullshit of playing for Ingerland

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