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best sports meme (I'm biased because Haley is an honorary Yinzer)

imma drive around to all the colleges and confiscate all their aluminum bats

*checks football news* HAHAHAHA! Pep, fuck off

let's kick off spring training right. with some muppets at a baseball game

@kevinwhipwrecked It's like watching Voltron assemble when the two sides lock up

Watching rugby for the next 5 hours and exclaiming 'look at the size of that lad, absolute unit' every time there is a scrum

The sports apparel brand 'Puma' is pronounced:

would you like to play trivia? 

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would you like to play trivia? 

the only only only marginally good thing the :ny_yanks: are a part of was the 'Scotty Brosius 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 ' chant

Once an :athletics: always an :athletics:

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