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Best sports nickname: The Big Hurt (also Big Poison and Little Poison of course)

Dumbest sports nickname: Matty Ice

Watching the 6 Nations and just shitpost and toot cat pics

Yer da watching the Bulls intro video on repeat tomorrow starting at 0815 BST

allpro's emoji game is bonkers, shout out to @thomas

sports are good actually 

@radicalrobit @kevinwhipwrecked "OMG,this is the most important thing ever in all my life, booooooo!, I'm so happy and, booooooooo! I will never be this happy again"

Alan Shearer and Alan Pardew on the same screen?

I call this a 'charisma black hole'

@kevinwhipwrecked Or literally anywhere as Bettman presenting the Stanley cup to the home team still isn't enough to keep the boos from raining down.

The best thing in sports is when Goodell and Bettman get booed at the drafts

The good thing about :tottenham: playing in Manchester tonight is all the :man_u: fans will have someone to ride on the train with back to their homes in London

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