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friendship ended with baseball, now cricket is my new best friend

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Test Cricket's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

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if Djokovic wins the US Open, does he get a hug from Cuomo? with the trophy? maybe?

I will handle Miller Time with Grace says Jerry Jones from his secret lair after 109 days of thinking how best to handle the Champagne of Issues

What's brighter?

:cal: football has tied for the Pac-12 title!!!!!!!!!!!! No one predicted we would tie with USC and the rest, but by god we did it!

Bob Willis Trophy Round 2 Day 4

I know I usually complain about rain interrupting the cricket, but please bring the rain I'm begging you!!

🎵 Hey now

Go join allpro

Get your sports on

Go toot 🎵

it's a good thing cricket is playing without fans, that means all the usual supporters can spend more time trading mortgage back securities

no wait!!!!

Fanbases with the highest percentage of QAnon believers

MLB :stl_cards:
NFL :jaguars:
NBA :mavericks:
NHL :blackhawks:
MLS :quakes:

Bob Willis Trophy Round 2 Day 1 AND ENG v PAK 1st Test Day 4


*trust me, it's exciting haters*

Crocs lost market share after the Brett Favre pic

Stuart Broad is still wearing his Cobra Kai headband

It's starting to grow on me ngl

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