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friendship ended with baseball, now cricket is my new best friend

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Test Cricket's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

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does Arthur Blank have like a Superdry jacket under a red velvet blazer?!

Bank of America Stadium looks like if you blocked all Panthers' season ticket holders who are from NY or NJ

@​burgin@​ that's on my Jesse Ventura promo saying * Listen here Fay Vincent*

TBH if anyone votes for the flag you owe an explanation to everyone

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Which is the better Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo?

Can't believe everyone on the vast majority of NFL qbs are reactionary assholes

The Autumn Wind feels different now when it comes in from the desert

umm, I deleted because I was talking about that one game and forgot about the whole story

DiNucci is the NFL’s first Italian American QB.

someone NEEDS to go 16-0 AND win the the Super Bowl to shut those old-ass :dolphins: up

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