@jetsmetsclown i looked at his stats from last season and yeah, there's some less than ideal numbers in there

@jetsmetsclown the prospectus says he "rises and falls like bitcoin value" lmao

@Taweret it's true! he throws some great stuff, then leaves a garbage change up right over the plate

@goon of course you are! i regret to inform you that the Sox pitching staff also stinks

@jetsmetsclown it’s abysmal. It’s so bad, it’s kind of fun. I’m rooting for a guy I can throw harder than right now. Absurd!

@goon Mets were like, "look at all these terrible pitchers! Let's get one of them"

@jetsmetsclown @goon if it makes y’all feel any better, I’m playing a lot of MLB The Show 20 lately, and in 2022 Porcello is on neither team

I *think* he was on Atlanta last year, but I have no real clue—although it would explain why they sucked last year

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