@jetsmetsclown @Taweret Honestly, let him! He's a nice enough guy and all he does is go out there and have fun swinging at the ball like he's playing golf.

The worst thing you can say about Mike Trout is that, in every single picture, his poor dog looks like it's seen some shit.

the Astros stuff really sucks. I've gone from loving Altuve to not liking him at all (I 100% believe he had something underneath his jersey when he hit that HR in the ALCS)

as soon as the XFL season ends, dude is getting snapped right back up by an NFL team

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seeing a lot of XFL coaches i didn't know were still alive. Jerry Glanville? wtf

i love when Bill Walton calls NCAA games. he is always high and extremely silly

XFL: LA's offensive coordinator is like 90 years old and there's a live mic on him and he's saying "ok, this guy runs a button hook, this other guy is gonna do a slant, and then our fullback is gonna hit 'em with the ol' howsy doosy straight up the gut"

you can't run 21 double right zeus on 2nd and 10. i knew that. we all knew that

The crowd there is bigger than a DC NFL game


the game over bet is terrible, but the second half over bet will pay off because oliver luck is gonna march into both locker rooms and shout, "we need some fucking points!"

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i don't think these coaches understand that their job is not only coaching, it's also marketing. it's a new league. you have to take some risks

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