this Heat-Celts game is truly basketball at its finest

Did the Celtics not realize it was game time or what?

Steph will never be in the conversation re: greatest player of all time, despite the fact that he was pretty much the catalyst behind changing the way the NBA game is currently played

Warriors just have too many players. I'd be shocked and impressed if Dallas pulls this game out

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Mets game got snowed out tonight, which is of course very normal

haven't run the numbers, but i believe 4-30 on 3 point attempts is bad

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already getting mad thinking about the potential takes blaming Giannis if the Bucks lose this game

Memphis needs to add a legit front court physical player, and they will be the favorite next season. doesn't have to be a scorer, just someone in the mold of Ben Wallace (obviously not as good as Wallace, but that type of player)

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i have a ton of respect for the Grizzlies team. there is no quit in them

all due respect to the Grizzlies, i wanna see GS dominate throughout the rest of the playoffs

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