so far, this is a very fun game 7. folks, the stars are out tonight

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how does one go about trying to defend Kevin Durant?

one of the more fun things about watching Mets broadcasts is hearing Keith Hernandez's "ring" alert go off when he gets a new cat bed delivery

i think most people expected Terance Mann to drop 39 tonight

Mets offense past two games has made it clear that McNeil and Conforto will be welcomed back!

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Mets-Nats tonight is just a classic 0-0 pitching duel that was totally expected with Joey Lucchesi vs Erick Fedde on the mound to start

i love Hubie Brown as a basketball commentator because i feel like he's been 80 years old for the past 25 years

that Chris Paul high screen elbow 17-footer is just unstoppable

Aaron Gordon just pulled off some absolute silliness

Nets-Bucks was very slow, then both teams decided to score 30 points in like 2 minutes

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