Rams old school unis are awesome. go back to those full time

Pats running on 3rd and 7 is incredibly weird to see

@Padres @goon @jetsmetsclown i should be the secret head of weird analytics for an NFL team at least once in my life

getting blown out by the Jets is not a good look

Pats/Eagles. I hope allpro can handle this, the first sports related drama in mastodon history

guy had 2 sacks last week and 3 today. he's a safety

the dude will look great for 25 plays and just invalidate it with the worst fucking decision you'll ever see

pretty much the one fun thing about being a Jets fan is getting to watch Jamal Adams play

Jets should go for 2 every time they score a TD. most teams should, but especially them

as a jets and mets fan, every time i think my teams have the worst ownership in the world, it's nice to be reminded of daniel snyder's existence

congratulations to deGrom, who deserves so much better from his team

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