and congrats to the Polar Bear, Pete Alonso breaking the Mets RBI record with 125

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very annoyed Saleh didn't bring in Mike White or Streveler at QB in the 2nd half. Jets O line is decimated, need someone with at least an ounce of mobility

Jets game is a disaster, yet somehow not as much of a disaster as Carson Wentz

Jets need to cut everyone in the secondary other than Sauce

the cool thing about the MLB is Angel Hernandez accused them of discrimination for not letting him call playoff games. and the MLB's defense in court is that the only reason they wouldn't let him call playoff games is he's a terrible, incompetent umpire (which is obviously true). and he's still an umpire behind the plate in regular season games

Edwin Diaz is making Blasterjaxx & Timmy Trumpet so much in royalties

@jetsmetsclown does he have to give his ex-wife the home run ball? Because if so I’m fine with it.

as a Mets fan, i know i should never be confident in anything. but i'm happy they have a 2.5 game lead over ATL with deGrom and Scherzer slated to start the next two games against the A's

i know @nsmckinnon is gonna be psyched that Pujols hit 2 HRs to get to 700

@jetsmetsclown I am gritting my teeth and agreeing that yes we do love it

we love the phillies taking a 4-0 early lead against atl, don't we folks

i'd like to thank the phillies for tonight's performance

they just interviewed Donovan Mitchell on the Browns sideline, and i just thought about how awkward it will be for him in his first season there if the Guardians end up playing the Mets in the WS

looking forward to a Bills-Eagles SB just for the sheer amount of fan fight videos

"Your reign on top was short like leprechauns"

-Me, to Atlanta Braves fans

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