starting to think this mookie betts kid might be good at baseball

very nice to see deGrom get a W when he has a mediocre performance

I'm currently thinking about how absurdly East Coast centric the Sunday Night Baseball lineup is, and how baseball executives keep pretending to be confused by why nobody outside baseball has ever heard of Mike Trout or Nolan Arenado or Eloy Jiminez

i really hate seeing pull-up 19-footers in today's NBA. every shot should either be within 16 feet or beyond the arc

this has been today's healyn andy rooney rant

if i were OKC's coach, i'd call a timeout and say, "hey fellas, whaddya say we hit some buckets?"

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watching Grizzlies-Thunder game. on one side you've got that ted cruz looking shithead grayson allen and on the other side there's chris paul, who's annoying as shit. then i wanna root for ja morant. i hate this fucking game

Rockets and Lakers started the 4th quarter with a gentleman's agreement to play their scrubs, and the Rockets betrayed that agreement by bringing Harden in

Dame went off w/ 11 3s tonight, his 3rd time with 10+ in a game. Only two other players w/ more 10+ games: Steph (obviously), and Klay (obviously)

What I did not know is Steph has 15 (FIFTEEN) games with 10 or more 3s????!!!!!

aaaand apparently it gassed Harden up bc he's going beast mode right now

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there will be a point where Russ and Harden get into a fight

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Moving on to NBA after the embarrassing Mets loss, Houston-Dallas game is so fucking goofy

@jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @JockJamJen @thomas youtube be like "i see you're interested in baseball history. i bet you'll love these ten videos on the Great Replacement and also joe rogan for some reason"

Best pitchers I've seen in my lifetime, ranked (this ranking is based on these guys at their best):

1) Pedro
2) Randy
3) deGrom
4) Kershaw
5) Verlander

(I saw Clemens pitch, but past his prime)

Cano is heating up, and if he gets anywhere near what he was a couple years ago, this lineup just becomes silly (with their bullpen, gonna need 15 run/game)

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flipped to the Bucks-Celts game, and i see that Giannis is still not human. he's just absurd

unfortunately, they are the worst fielding team in baseball :(

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