that Cowboys-Pats game was fun, and this Sunday night game is such an awful follow-up. probably gonna bail and watch the Succession replay in 40 minutes

i really hope Houston wins the WS. i hate every other team involved

i have never seen a fair catch called on an onside kick until now

lol, the 2nd half over/under in the Wisconsin-Army game is 15 points. i have never seen one that low, and yet, i would not take the over

yikes, Astros. the kind of game where maybe you should put position players in to pitch so you don't exhaust the pen

i always worry that Ron Darling will get poached by a network for national baseball games

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someone like Hurts is so great to have around the goal line

NFL racism 

i expect these guys to be racist. i don't expect NFL top lawyers to be this fucking stupid

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