might have to turn the Jets game off. i really can't stand adam gase

very Jets move to force a fumble at the 1 and then immediately throw a pick 6

i think the Jets are going to beat the Chargers

is Aikman gonna bring up Kyler's shoulder every time he throws an incomplete pass?

if he's in on obvious passing downs, he should be blitzing

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Jamal Adams should pretty much always be in the box

ever since i said this, DK has had two rough drops. i'm gonna stop complimenting players

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cris collinsworth loves saying stuff like "one of the things about gloves in this rain, is they get slick", after a WR not wearing gloves drops a pass

I watched Flacco shred this defense Monday night. What the fuck are the Ravens doing?

off football for a sec, it seems like trevor bauer really wants the mets to sign him

it's so windy in Pittsburgh that you cannot hear the ref call a penalty

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