Always amazes me how goaltenders can make crazy save after crazy save, but still let in Charmin soft goals. Yes this is about the Penguins game

They didn’t even have a football team when I went to school there lol

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The alma mater is in the NAIA National Football Championship. Can we get a go Blue Raiders going in the chat

Glad KY doesn’t have sports betting because I would have lost money betting on the Pens missing the playoffs

At least they’re threatening Gostisbehere with a hearing, I guess

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What Gostisbehere just did was just as scummy and dirty as what Wilson did last night. Truly fuck the Flyers

What type of vitamin deficiency do you need to have to defend Tom Wilson?

If the Lakers’ bubble title is sandwiched between seasons where they miss the playoffs, the takes are gonna be out of this world

Imagining the absolute carnage if Cowboy’s fans stormed the field at AT&T Stadium before a game against the Giants

Idk if Najee was the “right” pick, but he’s very good, and seems like a decent guy, so I can live with it

Spent like 45 minutes searching “justin fields steelers” on Twitter. Brain problems

The Terrence Clarke news has me extremely fucked up

A level of thought and craft went into these that rarely goes into jersey design, in NWSL jerseys as a whole, that absolutely does not go into men’s jerseys.

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Hey, can we talk about how amazing the Racing Louisville jerseys are? I mean, look at this beauty

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