First time I have seen Macklemore since he was popular, and, what the fuck, man

Some people really think Giannis is only good at basketball because he’s big. Some people are really stupid

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Remembering how Giannis went for 50-12 and 5 blocks to clinch his first title, then immediately went to go hug his wife and son the second the game was over

It is time, once again, for us to gather together and say “Let’s go Bucks”

They are no longer asking you to stand for the anthem at :louisville_fc: games

Is it just me or are these derby pitchers throwing some heat?

In England it’s pronounced Home Run “Darby” for some reason

It’s cool that Kentucky is likely to add either the number 1 recruit or the number 1 transfer to their roster :wildcats:

They gave that man a Coke to drink before penalties?

My new thing is searching for “taylor twellman” when he’s commentating a game

To the reports that Penny Hardaway might be leaving Memphis to coach Orlando, I simply say “lol”

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