Sports are so cool. Y’all ever think about that?

As a guy who knows nothing, I, too, would’ve taken Banchero first overall

Bad news from the Louisville City game. They’ve added a bagpipe player to the fan section

I mean, this is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in sports history

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Y’all remember when Peyton Manning said “God dammit, Donald!”

Finding comfort in remembering I’m not from New York

Feels like it’s gonna be tough to get a 4th one past this guy

Think that’ll pretty much do it for the Bucks. Impressive they got it to 7 against this team, without Middleton.

Lol @ losing back to back elimination games after being up 2-0

[extremely up 3-2 voice] Feels like a must-win for the pens

I would like, and I think you’ll agree with me here, I would like for the Penguins to eliminate the Rangers tonight.

Did not, at all, expect the Penguins to be up like this in this series. Last night felt like a potential backbreaker

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