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it had everything. By move 9 they were out of book. They struggled a bit in the middlegame, but they eventually got into a situation where Magnus was likely to prevail: a theoretically equal endgame where Magnus has all the winning chances. So he could just grind all day if he had to. And he did. Until he won.

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seriously though today's game was... wow. I basically got up when it started, idly watched on my phone while getting up, put on some commentary as I was getting ready for work, checked in while teaching, followed along as I rode the bus home, and then listened in on commentary at home while working all afternoon... a long tour de force.

I would just note that I currently have an undefeated record against Magnus.

oh nooooo my coach-a-rino. he was an instituuuuuuution

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I dislike the business of college football and will criticize the whole thing on those grounds, but I'm not going to criticize anybody for changing jobs. Your job doesn't own you and you don't owe it loyalty. Shakespeare got to get paid, son.

hot take: if Cleveland had won the world series in the 90s, Kenny Lofton would be in the hall

okay so

i just want greinke to pinch hit


ok i just saw the gif how is this man's ankle not broken

I don't really have opinions on the series other than wry notes that SOLER POWER is unstoppable no matter who he plays for

An interesting article about the history of the chop as :braves: and their racism is under the spot light

Absofuckinglutely not taking off my hat and standing at attention for God bless America

Ugh they mentioned odds on the broadcast fuck this shit

This guy on the K-drama we're watching just said "you're bound to poop if you keep farting," and if that isn't a perfect summation of how hitting in baseball ought to be approached.

Only thing I'm invested in is Soler Power. So close.

Cubes fans know about Soler power and Dusty's choking energy. Two immovable forces in the post season.

I mean, what they did sucked, but it was 4 years ago and was revealed 2 years ago. let it go.

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