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i think they should've shipped all the players to new zealand, quarantined them for two weeks, and then had the baseball season down there.

so divided about the impending beginning of sporting again. on the one hand, it IS possible to do with some low level of risk. on the other, it IS not going to happen that way.

i think first basemen should wear a mask if they play but i don't think they should play, especially not in TX or FL right now

I understand why it's gone and approve of the reasons.

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amazing - a site to watch a random old game of baseball, just pick the team and the year. only goes back a few years.

Intentionally throwing at a batter is a shitty thing to do not matter what.

But also Dusty Baker was manager of the Cubs in 2005 when Adam Greenberg suffered a skull fracture after the first pitch of his first AB in the majors.

I cancelled my ludicrously expensive DirecTV in November and got YouTube TV, which I love, but now the Cubs are on their own fucking network, which YouTube TV does not carry, and now I cannot watch the Cubs at all, ever, and I knew this was coming but it is hitting me like a ton of bricks right this very second and I am going to cry but also? Fuck the Cubs for doing this?

first pitch of cubs first spring training game, foul to first, Rizzo drops it. It's still early!

While pitchers beaning Astros players will be punished, they haven't said anything about beaning Manfred, which pretty much all parties on all teams will agree is appropriate.

a minor defense of altuve 

This all of course depends on the accuracy of the representations made in the discussion, but, frankly, as a statistician, if that's the worst they've got on Altuve, he's back in my good graces. 3/3.

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a minor defense of altuve 

That to me sounds like he begged off and, on a few occasions, the person manning the trash can forgot Altuve was out of it and hit the thing. 24 bangs in 19 games? If you get one bang in an at-bat and weren't expecting bangs, how does that help except on that one pitch? It would throw you off for the rest because you're not sure if it's a fastball or they're respecting your wishes.

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a minor defense of altuve 

So I am not a fan of the Astros and very much disapprove of what they did in 2017. However, I saw an absurd discussion where people were trying to point out that Altuve didn't want the help. Somebody was like, oh yeah, NEVERTHELESS, there were TWENTY FOUR instances in NINETEEN games where a bang occurred for him. And I was like, wait, that's less than one bang per game, 24 bangs over probably like 80 plate appearances? That's NOTHING. 1/

if the fucking trade bryant i'll plotz

though arenado is pretty sweet

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