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naked gritty 

I hate stat change strategy play in Pokémon because the only stat change I believe in is you hp going down to zero ya loser

okay flyers let’s make a come back this game

Today is the Flyers vs the Caps and I am CONCERNED

that selfie makes me look white as fuck and it’s doesn’t help I’m still too tan for my winter foundation

selfie ec 

goodbye to d*n ch*rry no ones really sad tbh about it

Switched shifts with someone so I have today off so here goes me adventuring on a Monday

okay since I’m going to japan should I go to a baseball game while I’m there? or would it be too weird since I’d be by myself

hello yes what did everyone impulse purchase today? I impulse purchased a ticket to japan when my chemical romance will be performing in japan at the same time

also the flyers won and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow there is good karma in this world I guess

my job is selling flyers merch goodbye paychecks

I have to keep it on the down low which is why I’m telling all of you guys

So my job has thing where you can put in a wish and it might get granted so I asked to meet gritty and they gave me tickets to the flyers game in January 😭😭😭

I didn’t even see the game today bc I’m working a convention this weekend and I am EXHAUSTED AND SAD ABOUT IT

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