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naked gritty 

my coworker got Gritty stickers and gave me one so naturally i put it on my water bottle so he can go with me everywhere

anyways - job stuff 

Aside from that loss, on a positive note the recruiter lady asked for my references as a final step of the hiring process so like it’s coming together fam

is it too soon to post a positive hart meme

got some memes ready for tonight’s game depending on how it goes

5OT damn how do they still have the energy

ok so philly has lost to tampa bay 2 times out of the 7 times they lost so like this game is gonna be a tough one I think

cw family complaining 

all I’m trying to do is go on a hike but my family is like let’s do all these 10 million things we could have done yesterday or any other time right now instead of leaving like we’re supposed to

WAIT WAIT WAit pens out means they might get a first overall idk about all that being cool

oh damn the pens are really out huh guess that’s it

will people insist the caps are having an off night or admit the flyers are just doin that good

applying for a job that’s essentially a tech help position so cross your fingers for me fam

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