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naked gritty 

my coworker got Gritty stickers and gave me one so naturally i put it on my water bottle so he can go with me everywhere

LOL fluery getting traded is not actually a surprise to me but my coworker (who did not get into hockey till the knights) is having an absolute meltdown over the trade like said she’s talking to her manager about it distraught

hmmm did the Krakens pick based on height by chance?

also I do not have access to espn so I will try to find a stream or check Twitter for expansion draft news

how do we feel about krakens pick from the flyers?

I mean Nolan Patrick will be coming to Vegas where I am and I am happy about it BUT that means he can’t hang with konecny 😭

don’t ask me about the glass - Patrick trade I am in mourning

technology is wild, I come back and see a bunch of baseball posts and like them and then I go to tik tok and for the first time ever I’m getting baseball videos on my fyp, but they’ve all been like cool moment like that walk out with the jjk ending song

lol I haven’t posted since April what’s happenin y’all

you know what’s weird, if the flyers when the next couple of games their technically like still in it which is crazy after the disaster of March

super big phillies and sixers fan here. philly’s only two teams

my sister made a wholesome tik tok video about me and her and it’s like

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