I can’t believe bruins fans got so rowdy they almost killed a dude with the plexiglass

I hate these bruins for giving me hope again

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It rules that there are two different hockey guys named Sebastian Aho

I can’t believe the bruins haven’t ever been able to get better than this. They’ve had Bergeron and Marchand and pasta forever now. When are they ever going to improve?

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Boston teams fighting to see which can get its ass beat harder today. At least the Bruins had the good sense to start their series tomorrow

meyer’s feelings about being fired months ago (sorry, I don’t post a lot these days) 

Urban’s rage

Keep making excuses for why Cora can’t do the stuff that has worked in baseball for a hundred years because we let nerds ruin baseball, Smoltz. It’s definitely not making me ridiculously angry

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“Ackshually it’s a high leverage situation” I swear I will murder you

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Goddamit, I hate all this new baseball theory shit. Cora had first and second, zero outs, down one. BUNT THE BALL. Fucking .083 Renfroe was up. I swear I’m losing my mind

I have not been more in love with a Red Sox team than I have this year’s team. Maybe the year they all grew beards was about the same? They’re always best when they have a thing. Win Dance Repeat, Beards, The Home Run Cart. Dudes having Fun

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is it fun to watch your favorite baseball team just smash dingers and annihilate their opponent? 


Well, would you look at that. Mac can throw the deep ball. Might want to do that more often, Josh McDaniels 🤔

I am enjoying this Patriots football game

Every so often, Eduardo Rodriguez makes you think he’s going to be very good. Like, tonight

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looking forward to Buffalo-KC, and assuming it is going to be a terrible game (setting expectations)

Mac Jones amasses good numbers despite being terrible. An astounding contradiction

I would take a bullet for Kiké Hernandez, a soft bullet that grazes my pinkie toe

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i’m shocked, SHOCKED that Jon Gruden would be racist in an email that was bashing the Players’ Union

both of those things shock, SHOCK me

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