Got to admire Belichick’s commitment to not wearing a mask properly. Guy has a gaiter around his neck AND a mask around his chin

Thinking back to 24 hours ago when Tyler Herro was the next great superstar, lol

The Celtics saw how well Tatum played in the second after not scoring last game, so they’re all trying it this time

My daughter brought down the good luck bears to watch the game with me. Celtics in 7

They need Smart out there. He’s the difference on defense

my thoughts on the end of last night’s East Finals game 1 

I wish Brad had drawn up a better play

I warned you about Smart. All he does is make big plays and draw big fouls

Hey, Celtics. Maybe the olé defense isn’t working. Take a charge!

Why don’t basketball coaches have boxes they stand in like soccer?

Tatum is going to take over now. Ice in his veins

Tatum is going for the jugular. He’s driving hard up 27. I like when he gets mean

Raptors on pace for 44 points. Pure Celtics dominance

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