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Society if Mike Maccagnan admitted he was wrong about Christian Hackenberg and drafted Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson instead of Jamal Adams in 2017. - Figures that a tool like Trey Wingo’s first thought is “how does this hurt the shield?” and not “is Tua ever going to be the same for the rest of his life?”

Robert Saleh level tone deafness right there. Makes sense both coached under Kyle Shanahan.

Show thread - Oh really? That was your big takeaway from the injury Mike and not “Oh crap! I hope he isn’t a vegetable for life!”

It speaks to how awful an owner Woody Johnson is and how awful a coach Robert Saleh is that nobody believes the Jets can take an opportunity in the division when it happens.

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The worst thing about the Dolphins being so incompetent that they basically cost Tua his career is that this means Buffalo wins the division easily now.

Thank Gawd that the UCF game got moved to Sunday at 1 PM so that I can have a College Football game to watch instead of the NFL.

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LIV golf is doing great, going to be aired on Fox Sports 1. I mean they have to pay Fox Sports 1 to carry LIV golf but just think that washing a murderous dictator laundry ain't cheap!

Why is John Jastremski on my f'n TV, SNY?

It’s annoying as fuck how obvious it is that MLB is trying to will a Yankees/Atlanta World Series to happen.

Mets losing, Atlanta Racists winning at Washington. Fuck this, I'm gonna watch some Deadpool 3 reaction videos on YouTube.

All the Giants fanboys in the sports departments at the NYC tabloids are having a sad this morning.

Amazing that John Mara lets the Giants wear their 80's throwbacks while an asshole like Woody Johnson cockteases Jets fans all summer about throwback uniforms only to give them a shitty black helmet as a fuck you.

Woody Johnson when supporting Ukraine while still supporting a Putin bootlicker.

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Guess when it comes to supporting his wife Woody Johnson follows the Ted Cruz method.

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Woody Johnson is a two-faced slimeball. Giving money to the relief efforts of Ukraine is empty if you’re still supporting the guy who has a mancrush for Putin.

Show thread - But he’s totally cool supporting and being a stooge for a guy who said Putin was “genius” for invading Ukraine.

How many members of the Atlanta Racists snuck the white power OK signal in pictures when they were at the White House? - This stat tells you how awful the Jets have been at focusing on offense the last ten years.

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