There’s an MLS team called the Portland Timbers?

I’ve only watched five minutes of this game btw.

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This is the most I’ve watched of the NFL all year and I can see why everyone thinks Matt Nagy stinks.


Anyone know how Woody Johnson celebrated the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict?

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I bet the SEC is looking forward to that free win when Texas joins them

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ESPN Extreme Games/ESPN® Espn2™ Extreme Games (Sony Interactive Studios America/Sony Electronic Publishing, 1996) #DOSGaming

I hope Al Michaels will give an on-air apology about how wrong he was about how Antonio Brown was a changed man after he beat a woman and almost killed a kid an---- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like he's gonna admit he's wrong and piss off his love Tommy.

Me eagerly awaiting Barry McCockiner commenting on the Antonio Brown news.

The :nets: Jason Kidd era throwback with the Early 90's logo should be their permanent uniforms.

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Last Saturday was the anniversary of the first article on the new Gaceta.

We missed it—because we were working on remastering the first Gacetazo we ever published, and it took us two whole days to finish it all.

Now you, too, can know every detail of the most famous single game in :lnp: history:


But then again deep serious analysis that makes them admit that their priors are shit is why JetsBirdsite deserves every bad thing that happens to them.

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The :guardians: had Kevin Gilbride as a head coach!

Kevin freaking Gilbride!

What does that say about how people view Mangini when those two got jobs in the XFL over him?

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I mean for crying out loud the :vipers: hired Jerry Glanville as a defensive coordinator!

Jerry Glanville!

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You can't even use the "he got blackballed from the NFL for Spygate" as an excuse since that doesn't explain why an NCAA program or even a startup like the AAF or XFL didn't give him a call.

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I see JetsBirdsite is still under the delusion that if Eric Mangini was never fired the team would have won five Super Bowl's with him.

And yet these dumb fucks can't ask themselves if he was so good how come a team hasn't hired Mangini since he got fired from Cleveland in 2010?

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