I heart Alshon Jeffery (Eagles WR). He's from a small town about 30 min south of Columbia and played for USC. So great that he did this.

@francie I currently have very mixed feelings about Alshon. We probably would have been in the Super Bowl again if he didn't drop that pass against the Saints in the 2018 playoffs. Also he talked some shit to reporters

@thomas That was a really bad drop. If I were an Eagles fan I would hold a grudge possibly forever. I have my Gamecock rose-colored (or I should say garnet-colored) glasses on for him.

@francie he apologized and acknowledged that it was his fault, but like we beat the Saints if he catches that and then we would have WALLOPED the Rams

@francie and then we’d have been spared a terrible Super Bowl and Nick Foles would be an undisputed Hall of Famer

@francie perhaps the most clutch QB of all time, holds several NFL records, has 2 displays in the hall already, called his own number for Philly Special

@francie Best Season TD-INT ratio in NFL history (27-2)

3rd best Season passer rating in NFL history (119.0) behind Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning

Tied for most TDs in an NFL game (7) one of 3 players to throw 7 TDs-0 INTs

Best Post-season passer rating in NFL history (113.2)

Pro Bowl MVP

Super Bowl MVP

@thomas I saw an article about how Trubisky and Foles will be "battling it out" and wtf. How is there any question about which one you should start?! Foles gets no respect for what he's EARNED.

@francie he always seems to end up in that situation. His time at the Rams ruined his rep and I blame Jeff Fisher for it

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