I am really missing not being in South Carolina right now because I would love to be getting the Panthers Chiefs game right now.

I’m only getting the Ravens Colts game on CBS, there’s no game on Fox.

It’s weird that this game is happening a 27 minute drive away from where I am right now. And that’s with Google calculating the traffic in.

I’m getting the Steelers-Ravens (duh) and the Raiders-Browns at 1 pm and Saints-Bears later.

I haven’t been able to enjoy football because I’ve had so much work on the weekends. I actually get to enjoy football today with zero guilt.

If I never saw or heard Colin Cowherd again, that would be OK with me.

This game is so close, but I really need to go to bed.

What is up with Andy Reid’s mask? Does he have it on sideways?

I’m sad that I’m not getting all the Panthers coverage that I used to. I mean, I get it, I live in Baltimore now, but still. I miss my Panthers.

Gah, shaking off that loss. I only have myself to blame for getting emotionally invested in the Titans game.

They switched over to the Bengals Browns game here.

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