I’m trying to imagine what Charles Tillman actually said when he saw that email request for a pee test.

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Cardinals numbers are now 7 players and 6 staff infected. I'm finding myself more and more irritated by this. Maybe that writer is right. Treat them as forfeiting the game and mark it as an automatic win for the other team. No makeups. I'm getting crankier the longer this pandemic goes on.

When something like this happens, I want to send out an alert that says “Emergency allpro meeting, everyone report to allpro! Must discuss!”

Every year about this time we would make a trip to Wofford to watch a day at Panther’s training camp. Cam picks the music and it’s so fun to watch them practice informally right up close. 😭

The Panthers roster is completely overhauled. This gutting is really messing with me.

Y'all, when I am commish, this will never happen. (Sorry, video is on Twitter, can't figure out how to save it separately.)


We got to see Jackie Bradley Jr. play several times at USC. It’s nice to see him doing well at the Red Sox.

Finally that awful 4th inning is over. That was rough.

For crying out loud, the Orioles have a family! Think of the children!

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I wonder if they’ll call the ball game. Not a Yankees fan, but I’m always happy when Brett Gardner does well. He’s from near my hometown and went to my undergrad, although 6 years behind me.

So we’ve decided to root for the Orioles for the next couple of seasons since we’ll be relocating to Baltimore soon. But under no circumstances will I be rooting for the Ravens, even though my poor Panthers heart has been broken.

Pretty much knew already that it would happen, but it’s official, minor league baseball is not happening this year.

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