Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500, it’s finally over. His third win, but there was a bad crash in the final lap that sent Ryan Newman to the hospital.

Did y’all see the article about the woman obsessed with Yankees Brett Gardner??? Legitimate restraining order right there. Dang. (Gardner went to my undergrad so I see lots of news about him.)

Now watching Florida - Vanderbilt. I didn't know that Scotty Pippen Jr. played for Vanderbilt! I feel old now.

Great SC basketball games on right now. MBB Gamecocks neck and neck with Tennessee. MBB Clemson beat #5 Louisville!! Boo yah. And not to mention WBB Gamecocks still #1 in the country!!! Lady Gamecocks play Vanderbilt next on Monday.

Duke out on top over Fla State. I’m not expecting much from this Baylor-Texas game. #1 Baylor should have no problem.

The relationship between these two teams is so interesting. Both coaches have been coaching the Olympic team together for years. This next Olympics Dawn Staley will be the head coach.

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My lady gamecocks are about to beat UConn at home. Boo yah.

The white hat is an ACC official. He's the one that injured his groin and my husband's buddy had to take over as white hat and Herbstreit made fun of him.

We're trying to decide on an XFL team. We're moving near the DC area this August for a couple years. Maybe we'll pull for them.

I'll never understand punching someone who is wearing a football helmet.

I'll definitely be able to watch the first game at least.

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Today's XFL schedule:
Tampa @ New York 2 pm on FOX
St Louis @ Dallas 5 pm on ESPN

Also Kaitlin seems super petty, but who am I to judge.

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I don’t know if any of y’all saw this, but it’s pretty great. CW: Birdsite

Oh my god that guy with his head up his ass costume.

The Onion has amazing stories coming out all Super Bowl. I’m crying.

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