Filled with unspeakable rage knowing that Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey are playing right now, and I cannot get this game in Maryland.

So I have Red Zone somehow? We watch the games on YouTube TV and just realized we have this for some reason. I don’t want to jinx it, but this is amazing. I’m so informed.

What a kick Justin. Well done. I think I heard the whole city scream.

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Good grief, NC State‘s kicker is terrible. I feel for the guy. Yikes.

It’s kind of a relief that Clemson isn’t a national champion team this year. It’s kind of back to the old days and just hoping you get a good bowl. Honestly, it’s less stressful.

RIP McCaffrey’s hamstring and all momentum we had going in this game.

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Darnold was great, had good protection. Defense played great. Super happy to be 2-0.

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We had a friend over for the Panthers game, so I was away from my phone, BUT HOW ABOUT MY PANTHERS

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Why the fuck didn’t Clemson just down the ball? This is a shit show.

I have no confidence in Heinicke. He was terrible at the Panthers.

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