Omg look what I found ... pic of as kitten. So small next to the Clemson slipper. OMG. :clemson: Go Tigers.

It was some giant speaker, they finally unplugged it.

There's awful feedback ripping through the Texas A&M stadium and everyone has their eyes plugged. Like a stadium full of whales.

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(To the tune of “cletus the slack-jawed yokel) 🎶 browsing the allpro local 🎶

Oklahoma is getting crushed by Baylor right now.

Commentators in the SC-Texas A&M game just gave a nice shout out to the Carolina's punter's high school, which is my kid's high school.

Well there goes Carolina’s top defensive player. Moron. Don’t ram other players with your head.

One of my husband's referee buddies is the white hat for the UNC-Pitt game on ESPN right now. He gets very excited whenever there's a penalty and he gets to see his friend make the call. It's adorable.

Oh snap, Herbstreit just called him out for taking too long to make a call.

My husband’s ref buddy was the center judge for the Clemson - NC State game but the white hat got hurt so now he’s the white hat.

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Okay, switching gears. Let's go Tigers!

Ed Orgeron wet t-shirt contest winner right there

Why did I let myself get invested in this game?! I'm not even a fan of either team and I feel like Imma cry if LSU blows this.

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