Speaking of minor league baseball. Saw a post about how minor league baseball has been struggling. Apparently, hundreds of players were released today with even more in the next week. Projected that more than 1000 players will see their baseball career ended.

I heart Alshon Jeffery (Eagles WR). He's from a small town about 30 min south of Columbia and played for USC. So great that he did this.


And we just started The Last Dance and wow the nostalgia factor.

Last night the 2017 CFB Clemson national championship was on ESPN, so of course we re-watched it. Then they started the next championship game because they knew they already had us hooked.

If it’s either this, or no sports, then I’ll take it without fans. Easy choice for me. I’m usually sitting on my butt watching it anyways.


Good morning sports fans. Have you any sports today? I would like some sports.

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Ah, Gettleman is recovering from Coronavirus. Hence the mask.

Count Kiper wants to suck your blood. 🧛‍♂️

It’s weird that Eason went before Fromm isn’t it???

One of my former students posted this and I laughed out loud. He’s always been this funny.

Just rolling the picks over Burger King ads.

He’s not the tallest QB in the world. Well, then, who is? Don’t leave us hanging.

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