@evan hell, we can talk about signing the national anthem itself. The best ever national anthem performance was Marvin Gaye's, at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game youtube.com/watch?v=QRvVzaQ6i8

Heartbreaking: there is apparently no video I can find of this moment, where a robot named "Mr. Scraps" delivered a ball to James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek), who had just arrived in a dry-ice-and-laser-bathed Delorean to throw out the first pitch in "The Biodome".

Please enjoy this real quote from the Mariners former VP of marketing:

"We named the robot Mr. Scraps, because it looked like a garbage can on wheels. Not exactly what we were expecting, but it served its purpose."

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When there are no sports happening this instance slows down. but as soon as someone starts singing the national anthem? weโ€™re there, posting about the sports

The following image is a political compass 

:jaguars: :pats:
:bucs: :dolphins:

If you think about it slam poetry is a sport. especially at the amateur level when you have to clarify that you arenโ€™t trying to be a rapper

any time a player who was good in a sports video game from my youth retires, i weep

the things that make baseball boring if you are not invested in a game are the same things that make it a fucking white knuckle experience if you care

I always had a special emotional attachment to the bruins because my key to the house as a kid had a bruins keychain. In a way, that team put a roof over my head

@evan in the game of Marlins baseball, you either win, or more likely, you don't

half court 17776 style pick up basketball game at the court by my place. someone please bring a ball and, optionally, hundreds of miles of open flat terrain

the bobblehead in my profile picture costs sixty american dollars

I fully believe that lane kiffin was seduced by a demon who assumed the form of the Lord or perhaps met Lane under the guise of a hot woman. this fallen angel gave him one year of success and yanked it away. hell's denizens will proceed to torment him with failure for at least another decade

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