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**checks score of last night's Senators game** It's gonna be a long season

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe don't need new live sports, they can just relitigate LeBron vs. MJ or Tom Brady's legacy until the heat death of the universe

if they NHL weren't cowards they'd call for a 31-team 3-on-3 tournament for the Cup when they come back

in a shocking move, Tom Brady is signed by the Montreal Alouettes

@derek I was just logging onto my allpro to announce that I was going through the MLB Vault account, I plowed through a truly bewildering amount of Ichiro and Daisuke to get to Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game

for those wanting to scratch that sports itch, there's a ton of old games on YouTube, everything from the expected (the MLB Vault has a ton of stuff) to the arcane (the WHA! the USFL! curling! as much arena football as you can stand!)

COVID-19, birdsite 

all pro dot social March Madness bracket question mark

lemme play as the Yashin-Alfredsson-Redden-Rhodes mid-90s Senators you cowards

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time for my quarterly assertion that an arcade-style NHL Oops! All Overtime 3-on-3 game would be the funnest thing to play

Got a few more donations to support AllPro and I once again want to say that i *really* appreciate it.

Again, there is absolutely 0 expectation or requirement of financial support. but the next 3 months of Sports Content has been officially sponsored by the members of this instance and I think that's awesome.

god forbid Russell Westbrook wrench his wrist rebounding πŸ™ƒ

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and don't get me fucking started on "Russell Westbrook rebounds"

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fun fact about yours truly: the most devastating tongue twister for me isn't some shit like "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers," but "Russell Westbrook"

I'm gonna jump on the :battlehawks: bandwagon because their logo is a friggin' sword with wings

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