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**checks score of last night's Senators game** It's gonna be a long season

Y'all ever just watch legendary sports calls set to post-rock and cry a bunch or is that just me

COVID, :marlins: 

@derek total is apparently 14 now.

This has been a fun couple days but it’s time to stop baseball.

COVID, :marlins: 

Unsurprising but still maddening: 10 members of the Marlins (eight players, two coaches) have tested positive for the 'rona.

update: our ace Jalen Hotdogfingers got vaporized by the Necronomicon. I think.

Game 2 of the Internet Series between the Philadelphia Pies and the Chicago Firefighters is going to start in about 10 minutes, and I put all my league scrip on Philly

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I don't know if anyone else is following Blaseball (baseball betting sim where a 99-game season gets compressed into one week; almost like a passive clicker wwith no clicking, but scrolling .txt box score and wonderful nonce player names) but I'll say this: it's delightful

Yelich HR sounded like a bomb going off. Reckon that’s gonna happen a lot in empty stadiums

"Nerd Power" is kind of a baller nickname imo

I hope to watch enough baseball so I can have a favourite player on each team and right now and Lorenzo Cain is making a strong case to be my Brewer

who had the worst musician ceremonial first pitch, Carly Rae Jepsen or 50 Cent

Tales from work: Speak for Yourself replacing Jason Whitlock with Emmanuel Acho is like that part in The Wizard of Oz where it goes from sepia to colour

*linkin park crawling voice*
Colin Kaepernick
He's cool because he kneels

I also threw a 10-pitch, three-strikeout inning with a closer named Hunter Donkey

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so I bought Super Mega Baseball 3 and made a team called the Owls and my left fielder's name is Porkchop Tellez and right now his OPS is 1.645; in short, great game

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