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**checks score of last night's Senators game** It's gonna be a long season

Pats/Eagles. I hope allpro can handle this, the first sports related drama in mastodon history

Rewatching Dorktown episode one because I enjoy torturing myself about the :bolts:

When your team is rebuilding and owned by a sketchy so-and-so, you take your Ws where you can.

Timberwolves Prince jerseys should be their normal ones. They're so good.

Sorry, but wanted to share this post about the cat from elsewhere:
"Kevin Harlan's Westwood One radio call of the cat on the field is, as you might expect, an all-time great call. How much of a pro is Harlan? He worked a sponsor read into it."

(also poor kitty, it must have been so scared)

the three true outcomes (fave, boost, ignore completely)

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Welcome to! Allpro is a place to discuss sports, sports related things, etc. General stuff is fine (if you're watching the game with friends, you don't *only* talk about the game after all), but try to keep on topic.