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**checks score of last night's Senators game** It's gonna be a long season

what god did I piss off to have to respeak Jake Paul on fucking Cowherd

shout out to an all-small market NBA Finals

Complete list of goalies with 400+ W, 3+ Cup rings, and 1+ All-Star team: Brodeur, Roy, Sawchuk, Plante, Fuhr... and Chris Osgood.

apparently I said this exact same thing last February 🙃

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@derek :nj_devils: have never won the cup

my brain has been neutral zone trapped

"Jonathan Quick has two Stanley Cups" and "Seth MacFarlane directed a $40 million comedy Western" occupy the same spot in my brain's filing cabinet

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those two :la_kings: Stanley Cups in the 2010s are the hockey equivalent of a movie that doesn't exist

worse outcome for the infrastructure of Montréal

Can Montreal survive this? I mean the physical city, hope it survives

the Governor General said if :canadiens: win the Cup everyone gets to kick Trudeau in the balls

:canadiens: could punch their ticket to the Finals tonight, which is fucking St. Jean, by the way, and I don't think the downtown core is structurally sound enough to withstand what's going to happen if they do

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