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**checks score of last night's Senators game** It's gonna be a long season

as a vile turncoat who had a poster of post-trade Patrick Roy above his bed, I can only say go Avs :co_avalanche:

I would just like to state for the record that Alejandro Kirk is my large adult son and I am very proud of him

like why would you need Petr Nedved and Sandis Ozolinsh in your list of key players, this isn't NHL 99

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I would like to have a talk with the person from Corporate who built these hockey glossaries

incredible way to accept your award for being the best player in the NBA

I just want Thortnon to get a fucking ring

fuck the Yankees forever but I really like that cat Nestor Cortés

im in favor of any player that wears #0 in any sport

kicked out of the fuck party because my mind wandered and I thought about Joe Carter's home run in the '93 World Series and I just started crying

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**reading the latest bull shit about Barstool Sports** man why is everyone so pissed off at the drummer for Dream Theater

my gf had to explain to a younger coworker what a dunk was smh

Imagine being the point guard on a high school basketball team. You just turned 17 and you're really starting to develop a skill set that's special to you. Maybe you're pretty good and your team gets into the state tournament. You go out there, ready to show your best to the college scouts. Even if you don't get into your school of choice, there is a scholarship waiting for you as long as you don't embarrass yourself. Then you get out onto the court and get absolutely posterized by Air Bud

sometimes I remember that the main dude from Arcade Fire is like 6-4, loves basketball, and fucking breaks ankles in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Me when I fuckin uhh… when I’m the Ring ghost and they make me play baseball

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