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the only :tb_rays: fan I've ever met was a kid I knew in the late aughts who moved to the midwest from St. Pete who drank those dirt-tasting green naked juices and thought his sparkly skull ass ed hardy jeans made him look cool.

(also editors note: Mahomes isn't even in my top 3 for :KC:)

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love to purchase officially licensed merchandise of my favorite player *check notes* Patrick Mahomes?

fucked up that the beret is associated almost exclusively with women and art house weirdos. Michael Jordan wore beret and looked great.

this account is strongly pro beret. more male athletes should wear berets.

the real question: why is the ESPN app so broken and awful

like I've always said, what's really holding the Chiefs back is their lack of offensive weapons

look, I'm not saying the Chiefs took the L because I was watching the game at my parents house instead of my house, but I'm not not saying that

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sports superstitions are real, and strong, and they are my friend

Strongly considering upgrading my optimism from "might be just bad instead of awful" to "could be marginally good"

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Billy Donovan firing four assistant coaches is a good sign, I think.

congrats to Anthony Davis on his first of likely many NBA championships

LeBron James can eat my shorts

the chiefs lose to the raiders the day I join allpro? yeah, that feels right


Welcome to! Allpro is a place to discuss sports, sports related things, etc. General stuff is fine (if you're watching the game with friends, you don't *only* talk about the game after all), but try to keep on topic.