two brady interceptions is a gift to me, personally, from infant baby football jesus

2:36 is way too much time to give the bucs for a final drive

back to back Brady sacks. you love to see it, folks

refs real trigger happy with that pass interference call in favor of the :bucs:

@thomas look, that guy was being an ass, somebody needed to say it

Derek Carr is one long black wig away from a Misfits cover band

Chiefs are gonna get beat, because it fits narratively with the frustrating day I've been having

when naming a child, you have consider all the ways that name will be abbreviated and whether a 12 yr old might make fun of them with that abbreviation. in this way, Philip Rivers' parents failed him

Russell Wilson has real 80's movie prep school villain energy

@thomas he seems to be picking up steam. I have to wonder how much his shoulder really is bothering him

post malone is pretty aggressively lame, but the line “catch me on the block like I’m Mutombo” whips

Wrigley Field was designated a National Historic Landmark today!! :cubs:

watching the Saints repeatedly aquaint Brady with the turf and cackling like a maniac

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