catching up on the game 7 highlights from last night. i almost let myself feel bad for kevin durant, but thankfully i overcame the urge

all i want from this years baseball season is for the yankees to not make the playoffs

it's 2021, I should be able to mute the audio of individual sports commentators who annoy me

in light of Naomi Osaka’s fine for skipping the French Open press conference, I suggest she (and all other athletes) adopt the Marshawn Lynch strategy

I referred to the New York baseball team exclusively as "the Yank-mes" until my kid started saying it and I was told I had to stop

word on the street is that the Resident Evil vampire lady everyone is eyeballing is 9'6", which is awesome if you need dominance in the post, but lemme tell ya, those knees will be ground to dust after like three years in the NBA, hard pass

its time for the nba playoffs. which means its once again that time of year where ppl say "im rooting for the team the lakers are playing against"

still mad about when the mariners won 116 games but didn't even make the world series. all my homies hate the yankees.

most important randy johnson facts:
-6'10", nicknamed The Big Unit
-5 cy young awards, 4 of them in consecutive seasons
-threw a perfect game at age 40
-had a 20-strikeout game
-second-most career strikeouts
-best strikeouts per 9 innings ratio
-killed a bird one time

if they can’t figure out how to stop second chance buckets, they’re cooked

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