only good thing about going to my in-laws is ESPN 2 is always on

behind the back shots are just cool. no two ways about it

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extremely athletic game. ND really struggling to get stops

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I don't know anything about lacrosse, but I'm watching Duke v Notre Dame and it is intense

I never need to see the injury. please refrain from showing me people injuring themselves

the amount of points KU has left on the table by missing free throws is embarrassing

cannot believe how bad officiating continues to be in the NCAA tournament

I like when commentators say things like “the physicality of this game” when they mean “that guy got hammered and they aren’t calling it”

Charles Barkley has incredibly incisive commentary for a guy that sounds like a cartoon character

Kansas better get it together. this game is getting away from us

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it’s nonsense that to watch the biggest game in NCAA Men’s basketball I have to use an illegal stream. why the hell isn’t this game on CBS?

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