most important randy johnson facts:
-6'10", nicknamed The Big Unit
-5 cy young awards, 4 of them in consecutive seasons
-threw a perfect game at age 40
-had a 20-strikeout game
-second-most career strikeouts
-best strikeouts per 9 innings ratio
-killed a bird one time

if they can’t figure out how to stop second chance buckets, they’re cooked

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that was the worst offensive sequence yet tonight

if Michigan can’t figure out how to finish at the rim they are going to lose this game

lol dude bricked a shot so hard my dog thought someone knocked on the door and barked at it

Zags defense is absolutely brutal so far. I haven’t seen a game with this many steals in a minute

if you ever needed proof, UCLA/Bama is a textbook example:

free throws win ball games

sometimes you get speedbagged. it happens in basketball

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