five missed PATs. harrison butker has the yips

important note: daniel sorensen's nickname is "dirty dan" and 100% looks like a creep. he might be a perfectly nice guy, but he's got a sketchy face

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sorenson read that pass like a children's book

I hate nfl shop commercials because they highlight how hard it is to make our mustard and ketchup ass color scheme look cool

jimmy butler tearing off the rearview window from his car cuz he doesnt look back isnt talked about enough for how fucking hilarious it is

that was the longest first half in the history of professional football

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:KC: Edwards-Helaire was such a great pickup. that man is having one hell of a rookie season.

why you wouldn't measure that is also beyond me. I would be pissed too

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I'm not sure I've ever seen Reid that pissed over officiating

me: defense wins games

:bucs: : turn two interceptions into TDs

me: not like that

so, uhh... back to back turnovers is not great

"Aaron Rodgers looks old and tired for 36" - my son's incisive commentary

time for another stop on the Tom Brady Eat Shit 2020 tour. go :packers:

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