*Giannis steamrolls a dude*

JVG: that’s not a foul. I can’t believe they called that a foul

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so Van Gundy is just completely unfamiliar with the game of basketball, yes?

real talk: I expected the suns to lose the first one in Milwaukee. I did not expect them to play like dogshit

lol at Portis getting t’d up in a game where his team is winning

hot take: giannis would absolutely be an ain’t shit player if the league called traveling

the NBA loves their superstars, don’t they folks? just let’s them do whatever they want on the court. fouls are for lesser players

the suns are 19 for 19 from the free throw line as a team. just putting on a damn clinic

:phx_suns: up at the half. this game is a lot more fun than I expected

If they don’t let that woman run the 100m because she puffed some loud a month ago then I’m actively rooting against the US in all events.

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