an unsportsmanlike call for trash talk and no physical element after a play they would essentially end the game. funny, that

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hard to watch games like this and not feel like the fix is in

special teams has been bad all game, so a fake field goal play definitely makes sense

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KC special teams still trucking along on the struggle bus

Skyy Moore trying real hard to lose this game for the Chiefs

pick 6 on the 1 yard line! coast to coast baybee

KC O-line holding up like wet cardboard tonight

every time this announcer says Herbert, it one hundred percent sounds like he’s saying pervert

that is maybe the worst call I’ve seen in a minute. pulled the defender down into the quarterback my ass

*camera pans to Goodell and Bezos sitting next to each other* well there’s a couple of guys I’d like to [REDACTED]

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regardless of who wins tonight’s game, one thing is certain:

Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime sucks

Broncos lost that game way more than the Seahawks won it

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Wilson has three (3) delay of game penalties this game. act like you’ve been here before, yeesh

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