What is the best baseball movie?

(These are the top 4 from mlb.com/news/best-baseball-mov)

Bregman gets popped by a pitch during spring training. As disappointed as I am with the Astros, it's pretty obvious this was intentional and not a breaking pitch. I'm sure we'll see more of this during the season, which is disappointing to me as someone who believes in sportsmanship.


Tebow completely fell off my radar so I learned a lot from this article


Tim Tebow to play for Philippines in World Baseball Classic qualifying


"Yet from the time he took over until his death in 1944, baseball never again suffered a disabling disgrace on the order of the Black Sox scandal."

LMAOOOO Jackie Robinson's first start was in 1947

Intentionally throwing at a batter is a shitty thing to do not matter what.

But also Dusty Baker was manager of the Cubs in 2005 when Adam Greenberg suffered a skull fracture after the first pitch of his first AB in the majors.



3 batter minimum or until the end of the inning for pitchers

26 man rosters

2 way (pticher and hitter) designation

some other stuff

The MLB proposed changes to the Postseason may be the dumbest move I have ever seen.


The Phanatic is no stranger to lawsuits. In a study published in the May 2002 Cardozo Law Review, Bob Jarvis, professor of sports law at Nova Southeastern University, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said that the Phanatic holds the "dubious record as the most-sued mascot in the majors."

The toots on this account may not be scraped without the express written consent of Major League Baseball

In bizarre lawsuit, Yankees’ failed prospect says Derek Jeter ruined his career


“I’ll never play for the New York Yankees … a Team that doesn’t understand the importance of giving respect to the Players that help the Organization win. These are the facts big dawg.”

I don't know why I have my phone set up to notify me that a Chicago team lost a game again

I had no idea that NFL Research Twitter was so vicious!

Mr. Met

I always thought :cornhole: was a Midwestern thing but I saw it being played at a Halloween festival in Queens


Trea Turner gets called out on interference and Dave Martinez gets ejected, a breakdown

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