Pit stop videos might be the thin edge of the wedge that gets me into car racing


"His Welsh parents lived in England at the time, but his father drove his mother across the border to make sure he was born in Wales so that he would be eligible to play rugby for the Welsh national team."


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Cleveland Spiders used to be the MLB team name. Way better IMO

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"In 1893, a batter fouled off a pitch and broke the last bat at the park, so he walked over to a woodpile and picked up an axe. Next pitch, he swung, cut the ball in half, and half of it went over the fence.

The game ended 2.5 to 2."

If it wasn't for baseball I wouldn't be able to make small talk with my Venezuelan coworker about anything Venezualan

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This consistently cheers me up


Fans who bragged about their 40 times run actual 40-yard dashes | Always Late with Katie Nolan

What is the best baseball movie?

(These are the top 4 from mlb.com/news/best-baseball-mov)

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Bregman gets popped by a pitch during spring training. As disappointed as I am with the Astros, it's pretty obvious this was intentional and not a breaking pitch. I'm sure we'll see more of this during the season, which is disappointing to me as someone who believes in sportsmanship.


Tebow completely fell off my radar so I learned a lot from this article


Tim Tebow to play for Philippines in World Baseball Classic qualifying


"Yet from the time he took over until his death in 1944, baseball never again suffered a disabling disgrace on the order of the Black Sox scandal."

LMAOOOO Jackie Robinson's first start was in 1947

Intentionally throwing at a batter is a shitty thing to do not matter what.

But also Dusty Baker was manager of the Cubs in 2005 when Adam Greenberg suffered a skull fracture after the first pitch of his first AB in the majors.



3 batter minimum or until the end of the inning for pitchers

26 man rosters

2 way (pticher and hitter) designation

some other stuff

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