A thing I think about a lot is when Carlos Zambrano was pitching very wild and Lou Piniella went out to the mound and, according to Michael Barrett, said, "look. I love you. We all love you. Now throw a fucking strike"

I'm gonna post on here more so heres an intro that no one needs or wants.

Rose. 28. Bruins, Dubs, Leafs, Pack, Mets.

I feel like the Cubs are terrible at executing run downs

Will you high five a stranger at the game?

Love to start a season on the most auspicious of days

Jeremy Lin is much classier than I would be, I would be wearing the ring all day every day

*checks calendar and sees spring training starts tomorrow*

*dusts off allpro account*

what up, bitches? sports, amirite?

lewd, Gritty 

@baturkey paint me like one of your french whatever you ares.

lewd, Gritty 


The Philadelphia Flyers Have Commissioned a Nude Portrait of Gritty, Its Beloved Mascot.

Not Only Is It Elegant, It Is a Masterpiece

The bright orange mascot slipped out of a white robe to pose naked for the ravishing portrait.

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