Logging onto MLB.tv so it can tell me what other streaming service to watch MLB on

Watch "HOW DID JAVIER BÁEZ MAKE THIS PLAY?! He is a MAGICIAN! (Insane between-the-legs flip gets runner)" on YouTube

Me when I fuckin uhh… when I’m the Ring ghost and they make me play baseball

Giving up on the sanctity of baseball made me a slightly happier person

please enjoy this 1992 video of Joe Carter pranking Derek Bell by driving Bell’s custom Jeep onto the field in Toronto while the announcers claimed it was a pregame raffle item for a lucky fan youtu.be/rtIyloK1OLk

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The Tigers are my AL team for as long as El Mago is there

How is Bull Durham, a movie for adults in which Susan Sarandon is the hottest woman on the fucking planet, losing to The Mighty Ducks, a movie for children that none of you has watched in twenty years

If Bull Durham loses to, of all films, Mighty Ducks I will lose it

Bull Durham made my top 10 movies of all time

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