Fan’s lawsuit demands the Giants, Jets return to NYC from New Jersey - New York Daily News

Court papers also asked for the two teams to be rebranded as the East Rutherford Giants and Jets for as long as they continue to play in New Jersey.

The Jets did not immediately respond to the lawsuit, while the Giants issued a statement declaring “this case has no merit and we will defend it vigorously.”

The Cubs ownership has dramatically dampened my interest in sports.

@neoncoughh is now a good time to get back into the Bulls?

I’ve been saying MLB was using different balls during games since 2019. One day I’ll be wrong.

someone wrote into effectively wild with the hypothetical "what if the strike count was a secret to everyone except the umpire" and while that's an objectively terrible idea it is extremely funny so i'm in favor

I have a deep love/hate relationship with sports. I love sports but I hate almost all the organizations that run sports

Javy made a pro vaccine commercial, he's the greatest

Baseball had a ‘dead-ball era’ because the cup hadn’t been invented yet

This Zobrist lawsuit is WILD and the lawyer's comments made me make these 😳👀 irl

Chicago Tribune: Ben Zobrist lawsuit alleges his pastor had an affair with his wife Julianna and defrauded the former Chicago Cubs player’s charity.

Reddit Cubs fan talk about Julianna Zobrist without being misogynist challenge

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