It’s Good to Be Jimmy Butler | Chicago magazine | November 2015

"Still, he loathes reliving the past—so much so that he has removed the rearview mirror on his car (yes, really) as a symbolic reminder to never look back."

Ok that's uh something

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Happy 1 year anniversary to AllPro! The Sports Instance

My gut feeling is that the number of teams that make the playoffs should be fewer than half of the number of teams in the league

In in NYC and Twins at Cubs is blacked out for me on!?!

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There’s no rule that says a Dog can’t have a virtual seat.

Josh Donaldson of the Twins told to go home after hitting a homer

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brent Suter somersaults on the mound

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I have given up on everyone associated with the Chicago Bears except for Walter Payton

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every single NBA team is on strike 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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@nsmckinnon he ruined Wood and Prior, and screwed with Zambrano and Strasburg

no one will convince me otherwise

Does anyone remember a show on ESPN2 or ESPN3 where two guys watched old games from the vault and cracked jokes? Like MST3K for sports. What was it called?

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It’s honestly so cool that Dusty Baker is the first Tamarian manager in MLB history.

Q. Dusty, what’s up with Springer’s troubles. Early season slump? Change in mechanics?
A. Ain’t a cow in Texas but George Springer don’t hit.

Q. So how’d Framber suddenly become a curveball weapon?
A. It peels the banana.

Q. Dusty, tough loss tonight. How do you feel about it?
A. Shaka, when the walls fell.

Boy I'm glad I don't base my emotional state on events outside my control!!!!!!!!!!!!

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