Today I would like to talk about the MLB's "Turn Ahead The Clock" promotion, where an off-hand dumb comment by Ken Griffey Jr. in the summer of 1998 led to all but 10 teams inventing extremely garish "futuristic" uniforms, and the games being called with lingo circa "2021" including calling left field "THE LEFT SECTOR"

The Phillies decided to go extra-fash and add like a dozen stars to the American flag of 2021 for the occasion

The following teams did not participate in "Turn Ahead The Clock." Leaked correspondence between the teams indicate that the head offices thought it was "hella stupid" and said "we will never do this in a million years." (I made that second part up but it's probably true anyway):

The Yankees, Cubs, Blue Jays, Rangers, Expos, Astros, Reds, and Dodgers.

As you may notice, these are what I would refer to as "grown-up baseball teams"


Heartbreaking: there is apparently no video I can find of this moment, where a robot named "Mr. Scraps" delivered a ball to James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek), who had just arrived in a dry-ice-and-laser-bathed Delorean to throw out the first pitch in "The Biodome".

Please enjoy this real quote from the Mariners former VP of marketing:

"We named the robot Mr. Scraps, because it looked like a garbage can on wheels. Not exactly what we were expecting, but it served its purpose."

I am hoping we can convince @jetsmetsclown to adopt one of these Mercury Mets player photos from their Jumbotron as his avi here

Briefly returning to this thread to tell you that there's an oral history of this night on The Athletic, but it is paywalled right before the end of this line:

“When they are driving in, James turns to the driver of the DeLorean and asks, ‘What am I supposed to do when I get out of the car?’” said Kevin Martinez, the Mariners’ vice president of promotions and communications. “I really think he...

@alex how can you not love this, how can you not love Mr. Scraps. Mr. Scraps!!!!

@thomas @alex Mr. Scraps is doing his best and I would die to save him

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