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FWIW this is from homage and the referral bonus is very good if you wanna help a friend out

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Thread of great sports articles I think about often

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I have arrived at I am athleticized.

my teams are:

(sorry, sorry I'm trying to delete it)

Does anyone here subscribe to The Athletic? I got a $9/year promo

Not upset with last night’s score because it was the type of Jays performance I have come to love this season

Border guard: “You came to watch the :toronto:?”
Us: “No, :astros:, but you know, we like them.”
BG: “Oh, so you cheer for cheaters, huh?”
Me: “Where’d you get your center fielder again?”


BG: “Hah. Besides which, the :ny_yanks: were cheating too, right?”
Us: “For sure.”
BG: “Hey, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. Anything coming in with you? Alcohol? Tobacco?”
Us: “Nah.”
BG: “And all you’ll be taking home with you is an L.”
Us: “Almost certainly.”
BG: “Have a good time, guys.”

abuser mention 

fuck trevor bauer fuck the dodgers

A quick 1-0 win? That does not sound like my bloojes

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Credit to this clip to on instagram, the best cancon page online

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Much like our beloved :mr_scraps: mr scraps, this is an on-field item that only exists in one piece of footage, I would love to know if this Jeep still exists

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Also the Jays are leaving big money on the table by not selling a $100 scale model of Derek Bell’s pimped Jeep, something I would buy instantly

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please enjoy this 1992 video of Joe Carter pranking Derek Bell by driving Bell’s custom Jeep onto the field in Toronto while the announcers claimed it was a pregame raffle item for a lucky fan

Position player pitching alert! Diego Castillo, Third Base, is pitching during Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs.

This is amazing on a few levels. Primarily, given the game situation, the idea that it was intentional at all is ludicrous. But maybe more amazingly, the scorer at some point in the middle of the fight decides that the right move is to update the count as if the pitch was a ball. lol. this is why baseball perseveres. I love it.

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