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Thread of great sports articles I think about often

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I have arrived at I am athleticized.

my teams are:

(sorry, sorry I'm trying to delete it)

My kingdom for a “Cannabis City Cheefs” parody shirt

🙅🏻 hockey south of the Mason-Dixon or west of the Mississippi
🙅🏻 first two months of the baseball season
🙅🏻 soccer, just in general

I root for Canadian athletes, not an endorsement of the country of canada or of Canada generally

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I am working on being spiritually prepared for Winter Olympics in 12 weeks

I think all stadiums and ballparks should have the shittiest names possible so fans refuse to use them. I am a branding hell accelerationist

MLB donated to national republican senate committee on 9/30

All I wanted was chaos, all I WANTED was CHAOS and for the Yankees and the Red Sox to lose

Well the Sox game is blackout for me so oh well

“A pitching duel” is baseball fan code for “a game that sucks”

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