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Thread of great sports articles I think about often

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I have arrived at I am athleticized.

my teams are:

(sorry, sorry I'm trying to delete it)

lemme guess, the freakin goal cause nobody’s ever scoring

love that sports publications only use photos of Tom Brady in that stupid hat anymore

joking aside I honestly think the pats were not gonna win any more super bowls with "the classic lineup." let's get some new folks, i say.

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@alex I want that ORTIZ 34 Bruins sweater, it's like a rare photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore

logging into my allpro and immediately getting overwhelmed with people talking about how bad the leafs are. it's natural, but that doesn't mean I like it. like staying the night at your grandparents house

It sure seems like the Toronto Maple Leafs are bad?

“On Sunday, President Donald Trump gave the command to the “gentlemen” to start their engines at the Daytona 500. Around the same time, a story broke about a Trump administration policy in which the words given in confidential therapy sessions would be used to deport children. Despite what we may want to think, the two events are distinctly related. One is a tacit endorsement of the other.“

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This pats team gets harder to like every week

I do not trust the dolphins quarterback. He looks like a YouTube guy

Neither team using any time outs in the first half is the definition of “bold strategy, cotton, lets see how it plays out”

There’s a dolphins player named Durham Smythe and I don’t think jocks are allowed to be named Durham Smythe

Girls: I have to talk about baseball for a while

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