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Thread of great sports articles I think about often

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I have arrived at I am athleticized.

my teams are:

(sorry, sorry I'm trying to delete it)

Is everyone on here aware of the British Soccer Wives drama

my parents don't understand eSports either. it's fine

*takes a long drag from a cigarette* a computer is just a different kind of steering wheel

@thomas it's been happening since 2008! a lot of actual good drivers come from there! it's got a much lower barrier to entry than kart racing

@thomas do you know that there's a program where the best players of Gran Turismo on the playstation become real race car drivers

Where does AllPro stand on Chuck Klosterman?

I've only just learned that as admin I could delete someone else's post

the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw "ants" on the TL was the Atlanta roller hockey team from the mid-90s

The hockey game tonight should be a good hockey game

Where does AllPro stand on Chuck Klosterman?

The rest of what the librarians sent me, while fascinating robotics work, is not necessarily pertinent to one Mr. Scraps nor to his provenance.

I am still working the UW comms department for any additional photo or text documentation, though the data I received tonight has opened up a new vector.

So tomorrow, I'll be writing to Professor Albrecht, creator and architect fo Mr. Scraps.

Professor Albrecht is very much alive.

This is not Mr. Scraps, but I am willing to say it is Mr. Scraps' mom, and that's a development by itself.

What you're looking at here may be the only extant photo of Mr. Scraps actually presenting the ball to Mr. Doohan, presented in the best quality I can obtain.

This comes from a 2004 publication called the "Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope," published to celebrate the centennial of UW's engineering department.

But let's get to what they DID find.

As I previously said, there appears to be no video of Mr. Scraps actually serving the ball to Mr. Doohan. HOWEVER! there IS official MLB video recapping the night itself that the librarian linked me, and here is a little under four seconds of our boy himself scooting across the field AFTER the first pitch has been lobbed.

Yes I made this gif myself.

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