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Thread of great sports articles I think about often

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I have arrived at I am athleticized.

my teams are:

(sorry, sorry I'm trying to delete it)

(To the tune of “cletus the slack-jawed yokel) 🎶 browsing the allpro local 🎶

“But one thing you want as a new Canadian is to feel Canadian, and there have been times over the course of my life – not many, but some – where you feel just a little less Canadian than others. This is the beauty of hockey in Canada; it provides an open road to feeling Canadian for those who don’t have many other roads available to them.”

New England Nate silver explaining that Pats do better in one loss seasons than when they are undefeated

I’ve spent my day living life “Tom Brady style” (kissing my baby square on the lips)

Pats look complacent right now. Jets just need a quick TD, surprise onside, another TD, 3 and out, punt return for TD, another surprise onside, flea flicker for TD w/ 2 point conversion. Then they just have to protect the lead

So having listened to precisely one short podcast about this issue I feel extremely strongly that being an NFL official should indeed be a full-time job. Roger Goodell… right??

anecdotally one NFL official is a middle school teacher in Minnesota, but it appears most are lawyers/salespeople who make as much or possibly MORE money in their other jobs than on the field

like, the league wants officials to be full-time employees and the officials do not; this is one of the most complicated labor dynamics I am aware of

I am listening to this podcast about whether NFL officiating has gotten worse lately and I am flabbergasted that the job pays over $200k a year and yet the refs have argued to remain part-time so they can have other jobs

I can't take the Chargers seriously, their logo looks like a freakin' mustache

Does "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project count as a jock jam if they play it before every Bulls home game

*peeks from behind door* Leafs have won two in a row

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