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@jetsmetsclown @goon New England Patriots Starting Quarterback Cam Newton

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or Cam Newton, my favorite performance artist of the 21st century

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no longer sad about the Bs losing. tampa was just too good and sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw. i would say i want them to win it all but i would feel real bad for stamkos if they did it without him

tampa bay is an affront to god and should simply go away

just send brett richie home all he does is hurt opposing players


@soccer @goon i need ondrej kase to score a goal lol he has produced so many A+ chances without burying one that i'm having flashbacks to the 2013 Jagr experience

i really hope things come together for the 76ers at some point. like i always want my celtics to win but it sucks to see a team just so undercut by injuries :/

this Heat team is ridiculous! honestly the east this year is really balanced 2-6

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is a guy to keep an eye on. Could develop into a decent basketball player

don't really like Bill Simmons but The Ringer always has interesting stuff so i'm happy to see the staff unionizing

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visible injuries, blood 

They look like theyโ€™re in the Misfits

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