the first inning lasted an hour due to hilariously inept mariners fielding

@Padres in true jock asshole fashion, he admits upfront he broke the rules, but says it’s fine because he was following CDC guidelines.

He recorded himself saying this, and getting mad at people calling him names, while he was driving.

He was not wearing a seatbelt.

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I'm always curious what foreigners think of baseball. Apparently it's very confusing.

"everyone sing a song about popcorn" 🤣

and i soon as i hit toot, he hits a double so i guess i'll shut up 🤷

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well the bullpen tried really hard to blow that lead. they weren't quite able to pull it off but there's always next time

@Taweret I am extremely mad about this and everyone in my profession is embarrassing me right now 🤬

@Taweret omggggg

Just let baseball be gay. It's fine. What a weirdo

@Taweret yeah, I think the only thing you can put down to the screwing with the roof is the initial homer. After that, it’s mostly him being baby.

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