the ducks should still be called the Mighty Ducks. its a better name and naming a team after a terrible kids movie is the kind of wonderful awful thing you just gotta go all in on

the Las Vegas Golden Knights should be called the Las Vegas Nights. there. i said it.

because like Cash's defense is that they didn't want the dodgers lineup to face Snell a third time but BUT they just faced him a few days earlier ffs

how the hell do you take Snell out in that situation?!

whenever there were 2 outs in an inning and the count was 2-2, my greatgrandmother would say "the deuces are up"

i've never heard anyone else say it and i don't know if that was just her own weird thing she came up with

but she was insistent and "nothing ever happens when the deuces are up" so

yep. taking snell out sure was a good decision huh. 😠

he was only at 70 pitches. it was only a single. goddamn

what are you taking him out for? why are you doing this again?

lol fox news, it's not "improbable" when the team with the best record in the league gets to the world series

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