I’d cry if my dad came to watch me teach for a day. I can’t even imagine if my dad got to see me no-hit the Yankees. twitter.com/chandler_rome/stat

@alex People can be pissed at the :astros: all they want, but no one devotes more energy to owning the :ny_yanks: or :dodgers: as consistently.

Jason Benetti: "so that's P4 in your scorebook. In fact, it doesn't have to be what I tell you to put in your scorebook. You can draw a lizard and have that be a popout to second base. You can do it however you want to do it."

This is what I'm going to tell the next person who asks me how to keep score

@Taweret shoutout to the :astros: for remembering whose birthday it was

@georgieboy @SportsGoblin @nsmckinnon “I’m the mud rubber. No, it’s really important actually. Mom, it *is* a real job”

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