is it me or do the xfl players look a lot smaller than the nfl guys?

Pitchers whining like no pitcher ever tried to gain an unfair advantage over hitters by illegally fucking with the ball need to get over themselves

Someone please explain xfl to me, bearing in mind I know nothing of the NFL to start with

Manfred cut a very stupid deal here to let the Astros take the heat for the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Brewers, Cubs, Nats, Diamondbacks, Rangers, and Cleveland, all of whom have been linked to electronic sign stealing, and fans of those other teams, and players on them, still cannot keep their traps shut when their least favorite team is taking the fall for them. I knew baseball fans could be irrational, but this is bordering on absurd.

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Cody Bellinger is about to learn rule number one: do not fuck with Puerto Ricans.

imma drive around to all the colleges and confiscate all their aluminum bats

why do they use aluminum bats in college baseball? the sound it makes is the worst thing ever

Cody Bellinger should probably keep his mouth shut before someone realizes the speed at which he got better at hitting is downright, uh, Astros-esque, and I learned that from a Dodgers fan

let's kick off spring training right. with some muppets at a baseball game

MLB proposed playoff changes are...?

the new three batter minimum rule is...?

that hat does not go with that suit and glasses do not go on a hat

oh you can hear the chiefs fans doing their racist chant. lovely

it's weird that sports commentators wear suits and ties. i mean when you think about it

This video package on MLB Network just informed me that "Derek Jeter is the epitome of what Hemingway said a hero should be," and showed me a picture of Ernest Hemingway

I won’t tell you it wasn’t cheating, or that it was right to do, or that the Astros shouldn’t be punished. I have too many copycats, plagiarists, and other kinds of cheaters in my classes to think otherwise.

But I will tell you that unless you’re, like, a Tigers fan, your team did it too, they’ve always done it, and you’re welcome for the cover.

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@gd525 It’s buscones—people who funnel LatAm kids into baseball and make their families pay for the privilege, collect huge cuts of their salary, etc. Apparently the Dodgers’ network was at the point where they had to start tracking exactly how horrible each buscón was but they didn’t drop any of them.

It’s old so they’ve skated, and I’m sure every team has shit like this, but since they’re pretending to be squeaky clean, I’m happy to disabuse people of the notion.

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