Quickly realizing that the TNT Title is going to be the "Cody Rhodes Runs Through All the Midcarders on the Roster in a Couple Months Championship"

Okay I saw a clip of Tom Brady doing a cuss because he's bad at golf so I can let the whole thing slide

I don’t think there’s a wrestling theme as underrated as Barry Windham’s theme from the WCW Slam Jam album. - youtu.be/guZdfnxmo8k

The football field match gets 5 stars, never have wrestling in front of a crowd again

I was actually watching some old episodes of WCW Saturday Night yesterday and I was like “this crowd is going apeshit for Johnny B. Badd “ but then I realized it was mainly because there was an actual crowd there instead of 12 people

Okay which of you is in the chat for this stream with a Chris Dorner avi?

I hope to never learn anything about Darby Allen. He exists as a THPS Create-A-Character come to life, and I love him

The problem with a Royal Rumble style match here in AEW is that there are like 3 guys with a recognizable theme song for when the timer runs out

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Don't tell the cops but I found a way to watch wrestling

Looking at my avi here and feeling very smug and right

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