I think the NFL OT rules are fine, personally, but I know I'm hugely in the minority and when you even have your TV commentators talking about the rules being bad I think maybe it's time to look into something different

Bills: Ah there's 13 seconds left, we win

KC: 13 seconds? That's all I need

Definitely had a dude wearing a hat that said LET'S GO BRANDON in that crowd shot

I don't have any skin in this game but Josh Allen has really impressed me this season and I would love to see him win

Props to Brady for clawing back from that deficit somehow

But also fuckin cry about it Tom lmao

Stafford at least is holding it together but the rest of his team is lookin like the Lions right now

Please Stafford don't fall into your old Lions habits, keep it together, man 🙏

The fact that this would mean a Matt Stafford win is honestly just a bonus

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Somehow :kraken: won tonight over :sj_sharks:

Wish I could've watched that game but I had class :(

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