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Remembering that most people in the wider world don't hate the Yankees gives me the same feeling as remembering that most people think cops are good and that Elon Musk is a genius

Oh yeah, I still won't be able to watch the Cubs on YouTube TV anyway, well, fuck this, fuck this season, fuck baseball

If we get through this accurséd season only to arrive at a Yankees/Dodgers World Series, I will lie on the floor and scream forever

Does MLB think that fans go to games to cheer for the owners??? This is the only way their "the players are all a bunch of greedy babies and we hate them" PR strategy makes sense

I just read a thing about which KBO team you should root for that devoted exactly one sentence to the LG Twins, and it was like, "just like the Minnesota ones, these Twins seem boring," like exfuckingcuse me, now I must root for them, out of spite

We're watching the Korean baseball broadcast that was on at midnight, and they had to do rain delay programming, but it's fine because it's just Eric Thames talking about Korean baseball and Eric Thames is the most charming person on Earth, who knew

Have y'all seen the story about how Michael Bourn is a landlord with three apartment complexes and he's waiving his tenants' rent for April and May

Watching Pedro Martinez destroy the Yankees in 1999 and Jason Grimsley is coming in for New York, a real treat for the Grimsleyheads in the audience

Here are my thoughts on figure skating at the 2014 winter Olympics:

-Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are overrated
-Gracie Gold and Yulia Lipnitskaia are both tragedies
-this was when I decided I was going to like, Get Into figure skating, in no small part because I saw Misha Ge and was like, HOW can I see MORE of this delightful ELF??

I have been watching This Week in Baseball from 1979 and 1980 and what I have learned is that every park looked like absolute dogshit and so did most of the unis

Also wow Blue Jays fans are real pieces of shit, huh

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Watching this Blue Jays/Orioles wild card game from 2016 and wondering what happened to Brett Cecil, only to learn that he made 40 appearances in 2018 with the Cardinals and compiled an ERA of 6.89 and feeling like I do not understand baseball at ALL

My husband and I are watching game 5 of the 2016 World Series during lunch and losing our minds over it like we don't know what happens, like we weren't THERE

Watching this game is just an experience of Remembering Some Guys and whispering, "Scott Kazmir," to myself

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MLB Network is showing Mark Buerhle's perfect game, it's starting right now so we are like two short hours away from "call your sons call your daughters! Call your friends call your neighbors!"

Every day of my life I am furious that most of The Dugout has disappeared into the internet's memory hole

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for those wanting to scratch that sports itch, there's a ton of old games on YouTube, everything from the expected (the MLB Vault has a ton of stuff) to the arcane (the WHA! the USFL! curling! as much arena football as you can stand!)

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