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Remembering that most people in the wider world don't hate the Yankees gives me the same feeling as remembering that most people think cops are good and that Elon Musk is a genius

Serengeti - "Dennehy"

favorite actor: Dennehy
favorite drink: O'Doul's
Bears Hawks Sox Bulls

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This is one thousand percent correct and also it references "Dennehy" by Serengeti, which rules

What a weird sport that makes me cry more than any other sport

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The new US women's figure skating champ is the oldest one we've had since 1927, at the absolutely creaky and rank age of 25

Minnie Miñoso and Buck O'Neil are in the Hall of Fame!!!! Minnie Miñoso! Buck O'Neil! Minnie!!! Miñoso!!!!!!!!! Buck!!!! O'Neil!!!!!!!

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Every baseball player works at the same place until game day. It’s a big diamond shaped building with an MLB logo on the front, in the middle of a corn field. Shohei got to work today and the door was locked

I can't believe Trevor Bauer is still tweeting

Javy Báez to the Tigers, so at least I'll get to see my magical baseball elf all the time

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you ever think about how we just let a guy named Randy Johnson get away with being nicknamed "The Big Unit"

I like logging onto allpro and skimming the local on a Monday afternoon to find out whose time it might be to hang it up

If the shortstop is the best defender on the team, why would you not simply build the entire team out of shortstops, that's baseball 101

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The Rangers out here daring to ask: what if all shortstops

And then eight years after that, he played in a handful of games for an independent league Japanese team as a player-manager because, well, you know, why not

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22 years into his career he became the oldest player in the league, and then he KEPT PLAYING FOR THREE MORE YEARS

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Franco was talking in the weight room in August 2003 with Jason Marquis, when he leaned on a stand and an 80-pound weight rolled over his finger, breaking it. "When the weight started to roll", Franco said, "I said, 'Uh-oh.'"[11]

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Do you ever just...think about Julio Franco

Oh hey Noah Syndergaard to the Angels, good news for people who desperately want the team that Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani play on to be actually worth watching

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Three days ago: Yuzuru Hanyu wants to attempt a quad axel at the NHK Trophy :mario_awe:

Yesterday: Yuzuru Hanyu is out of the NHK Trophy due to injury :mario_flop:

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