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Remembering that most people in the wider world don't hate the Yankees gives me the same feeling as remembering that most people think cops are good and that Elon Musk is a genius

I have no opinion about this game except that I saw a picture of a bunch of maskless, white Braves fans wielding foam tomahawks and I want them to suffer

Is Tyler Glasnow hot? I can't tell but I think he might be hot

FUCK the YANKees

So the entire Central Division has been eliminated, in both leagues

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In my opinion, the teams I like should try to score runs, perhaps even more than the other team has scored, but that's just one woman's opinion

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I'm now a Fat Bear Week account! It has bears and a bracket and I want them all to win!!

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Don’t talk to me about sports until next year

Goddamn motherfucking piss garbage fucking shitfucker

Gonna get banned from allpro because I won't stop talking about how actually the future of sports is uhhh uhhhhhhh fuck I am in over my head with this bit, Call of Duty? Do people still play Call of Duty

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I'm all in on esports now, gonna watch some fucking nerd play Overwatch or some shit and get real fuckin jazzed about it

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okay, Twins fans, as a Cubs fan, i'm very concerned, but I think I can help, because it's clear that you have stumbled onto some kind of curse, and not only do we have experience in breaking such curses, but also I'm well-versed in monastic literature, specifically but not limited to John Cassian's works (and Foucault's interpretations of them, in case you're worried!), and I've been a member of,, and

I made a sigil for the :mn_twins: and they're still losing, it's almost like magic isn't real??? Can anyone speak on this

Oh good now it's raining at Target Field, just like in my HEART

For the love of christ score a goddamn run if you load the bases in the first inning

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