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Remembering that most people in the wider world don't hate the Yankees gives me the same feeling as remembering that most people think cops are good and that Elon Musk is a genius

I need the Phillies to win this one, simply because it would be incredibly funny if "Nolan Arenado hits for the cycle in Cardinals loss" was followed by "Cardinals batters hit four consecutive home runs in Cardinals loss"

The thing about Jake Burger is that he really, really looks like someone named Jake Burger

Trevor Bauer, cursed 

I saw this so now you have to

Jason Benetti: "so that's P4 in your scorebook. In fact, it doesn't have to be what I tell you to put in your scorebook. You can draw a lizard and have that be a popout to second base. You can do it however you want to do it."

This is what I'm going to tell the next person who asks me how to keep score

I have watched Garrett Stubbs spike his bat after hitting a walkoff approximately one hundred times, and I can report: would

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Do you think sports broadcasts (especially baseball broadcasts) will ever stop just showing random hot women in the crowd for several seconds at a time? She's not doing anything. She's just looking at her phone or talking to her friends, don't be weird

This catbird is the new closer for the Phillies, they could do a lot worse

I just can't believe how much the Phillies hated Joe Girardi

Boycotting Defector until they knock it off with this vile pro-house-centipede propaganda

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I really resent fantasy sports for making people think they should care about player salaries and salary dumps and luxury tax and all that shit, I do not care! It's not my money! Why should I care! Win a game! Win lots of games!

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Watching Cubs Cards on ESPN and losing my mind listening to them talking about the Cubs "rebuilding" when there is no fucking reason for a team with that much fucking money to ever rebuild, but they got their own network now so they can tell their fans to eat shit and like it forever

Wore my :sports: hat to go to a prairie and wetland and look at birds today, because birding is a sport

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Position player pitching alert! Willians Astudillo, First Base, is pitching for the Miami Marlins against the San Francisco Giants.

I keep looking at this and laughing, a ray of absurd sunshine in a terrible day

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Ok but what if someone kidnapped Corey Knebel

Just turned on the Phillies/Giants to hear them say this is Brandon Crawford's 1453th game as a Giants shortstop, and he's been extremely damp for every single one

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