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Remembering that most people in the wider world don't hate the Yankees gives me the same feeling as remembering that most people think cops are good and that Elon Musk is a genius

I am watching the Asia-Pacific Curling Championship because it is ON and it is CURLING

Goddamnit, Kurt Suzuki, I was rooting for you

Well this will go down in history as the Sad Fan Series

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hey hey we're the greinkes
people say we greinke around

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listen, i said they gotta pitch around Soto. that did not mean they should take Greinke out. i'm still shocked they did this

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Maybe, possibly, maybe should've left Greinke in

"She just asked if her daughter can wear it" 😭 😭 😭

My brother just sent the family group text a picture of his daughter wearing a Cubs shirt that he wore when he was little, and then handed down to me, and it is the cutest thing in the world

It's so great that they still do the between-batter ads in GAME SEVEN of the WORLD SERIES

God fuck goddamn I love baseball so fucking much

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I am in a car, can someone tell me what everyone is mad about

There is a song called "Altuve Polka" playing on the radio right now and honestly it makes a compelling case for the Astros

Why did they just play "Afternoon Delight" on this baseball broadcast

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It was nice of Ryan Zimmerman to hit a dong after they put together that nice graphics package for him

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