Even Washington Football Team is dunking on Trump. You have to be a bad loser for Washington to feel comfortable doing that...

USC v Colorado game has been cancelled because of Coronavirus

@kevinwhipwrecked just say to the Tom Brady one and it is the worse one yet

Rooting for :dallas_sucks: and :washington: to tie!
(Using :dallas_sucks: so I don't get banner hammered)

@kevinwhipwrecked so bad. Worse one was when they gave thier former umpire one, just no

@kevinwhipwrecked Ms Ford: I want a winning* team!

*Winning means profits clearly, who cares about W/L?

So Vanderbilt maybe the first power five college team to have a women play for them (kicker who also is the goaltender for the SEC Champion Women's Soccer team)

Rename the Detroit Lions to the Detroit Pintos

Ah, yes, yell more at your players, that will solve the issues with two bad teams

Most teams have interesting retro uniforms, but not the :lions:

@gd525 apparently it was a false positive and tested negative till now

I really want better for Deshaun Watson, but the only good thing going for the Thanksgiving game

How did we watch sports before HD? Watching some old film and you can't even see the ball sometimes

John Elway never made it to a college bowl game thanks to :cal: winning 3 out of 4 Big Games with him under center (and he can whine all he wants, facts are facts)

I may treat myself to a shirt like this for my holiday present

@kevinwhipwrecked @thomas the only time I see the Lions and remember why they are bad

Rooting for :riveters: still until NYC gets another team (unlikely) but hopefully they will move closer then a long train and taxi ride away from the city

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