Hot poll for baseball, DH rule?

My hot take is there should be 9 DH per game

@Padres based solely on the fact that my starting pitcher had 2 RBIs yesterday, I’m fine without a DH. Also it’s fun to watch pitchers try to hit

@thomas yeah, personally I like to see pitchers fumble around but also like the idea of perhaps an older hitter who can't field get some more money

@Padres @thomas that's the thing that makes me pro-DH more than anything, it's a job-creation program

do we know if pitchers hitting leads to more injuries?

@nsmckinnon @Padres “Ohtani is the first player since 1903 to hit second in the lineup in the same game he's the starting pitcher” which is pretty cool

@thomas @Padres for sure, but I don't think it's realistic to expect most pitchers to be Shohei

after all, the dude has shown a marked inability to stay healthy for seasons

@nsmckinnon @Padres for sure I just like the idea of having to make that call on the personnel side I guess. I imagine most pitchers would be out there struggling which makes it more interesting

@thomas @Padres sure! I think if you have a pitcher who can hit (Shohei, Greinke, Bartolo, etc.) then put him in, but the DH is a cool-ass role.

@Padres never. I like added strategy and with no DH pitchers would hit better of they knew they’ed be hotting throughout HS, college, or the minors.

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