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What our admin looks when they say that dogs can't play basketball

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"This could be the game" I say as they flip the coin to start the game

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If Jack-In-The-Box bought Padres stadium rights I would not stop saying "the house that Jack built"

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When you see this you know your going against the best sports team in history

I like that the Nike truly believes the USMNT/USWNT jersey will be loved because the men are going to do sooooo well this World Cup which seems to be betting against history...

I mean if this is the extent of the proof I'd say you shouldn't have said anything

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Carlsen statement that because Niemann wasn't focused on the game and actually won it isn't the strongest argument and perhaps Niemann got into Carlsen head.

Favre racism 

I see Outkick decided that the outrage over Favre is just a scam to force antiracism down our throats because white rich people can not ever do anything wrong

Also you know that there is rampant racism in tennis, it is easy to see

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Also losing in an exhibition match is hardly ground shaking. I fucking hate Djokovic fans the most

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I see Tiafoe lost to Djokovic and one tennis site seemed very happy that Tiafoe was, to paraphrase them, put back in his place. Getting a good sense of racism seeing that one just finished a gruelling open tournament with very good results and the other was being a cry baby about vaccine

Favre finally leaves his radio show which is news to me as I didn't even know he had a Sirius XM radio show nor that he wasn't fired a while ago with all that welfare fraud

I mean one of the streamers will buy the rights, the question is who will pay the most. Apple like has the most money to throw at it but who knows what their priorities are

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Just reading about how DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket shit the bed again this weekend (I don't have DirecTV nor NFL Sunday online thing) and seeing as they are losing the rights and I doubt AT&T would want to shovel more money into the declining DirecTV why fix the issues

shocked that Jorsh Allen hasn’t been subpoenaed by the J6 Committee

Jets game is a disaster, yet somehow not as much of a disaster as Carson Wentz

Here’s the special grizz night jersey. The number on the back is 12, of course

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the cool thing about the MLB is Angel Hernandez accused them of discrimination for not letting him call playoff games. and the MLB's defense in court is that the only reason they wouldn't let him call playoff games is he's a terrible, incompetent umpire (which is obviously true). and he's still an umpire behind the plate in regular season games

I don't know if there will ever be a tennis player like Federer again

My favorite Sox player is this kestrel who's been hanging out behind home plate all game, no one else has earned it

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