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"This could be the game" I say as they flip the coin to start the game

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If Jack-In-The-Box bought Padres stadium rights I would not stop saying "the house that Jack built"

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When you see this you know your going against the best sports team in history

Hungary v USA water polo is on now and even if I know the result I'm watching it

all love and support to Simone Biles

she doesn't owe anybody anything

Texas refused the Pac-12 because they couldn't leave the other Texas teams but I guess thier little private channel failed so better be second thought in SEC and make the money money money money

I would love if people attacking Simone Biles would learn a thing or two about how bad US Gymnastics is actually (and really the whole gymnastics world) to these young athletes

I guess we know the answer then...
Headline should be Wentz doesn't really care about winning

Oh you want to publish the official rules for sailing? We will just take 10% of your book sales! Fuck US Sailing

US Gymnastics is a terrible organization. You don't have to dig far to see the rot. Most of the US Olympic sport organizations are bad (side eye US Sailing greedy little bastards). Not that the conservatives care or even think anything is wrong with it. Fuck them

For the record, my answer:

July 25, 1956, the 58th anniversary of the US invading Puerto Rico.

:cubs: at :pirates:

Roberto Clemente does something no one has done before, and no one has done since: end the game with a walk-off grand slam, every run of which the Pirates needed, *inside the park.*

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the Olympics is the only time women athletes get the same kind of attention and respect men athletes get all the time

no college athletics progam has a more inflated opinion of itself than the University of Texas

Duke is REAL close

I cannot tell you how badly I want to be young again and to play handball. What a sport! How the fuck did we end up being like the only European country to not play it?? Dumbass nation

Conservatives and SImone Biles (bad take incoming) 

Conservatives: You don't compete for yourself but for your nation!!

So, 1) fuck off 2) athletes have fucking free will and do what is best for them 3) seriously fuck off 4) for a lot of sports you don't give two shits about (especially women sports) except if you can waive your little flag, maybe support them and not try to gut Title IX and finally 5) who fucking pays for this shit? Seriously, who pays you?

Wayne Rooney may be the dumbest person in the history of :sports:

When it comes to the equestrian part the riders shouldn't get to stand on the podium, the horses should!

Simone Biles 

Apparently she is not hurt but it's dealing with mindfulness issues. Hope she finds the mindfulness to compete, she is just so good and amazing to watch and one of the things I did look forward to seeing

Flying all over the damn country today.

I saw a guy wearing a :phx_suns: jersey with Garfield on it and I could talk about it for, conservatively, half an hour.

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