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Listening to the Gulls broadcast for a bit and at intermission they just have the broadcaster talking to the producer.

My favorite part of sports is to be accused of being a Monday Morning QB by someone who isn't a coach but agrees with the coach.

Just sad to think about the unfairness of Tua situation, going from likely draft and getting paid to hopefully playing again. At least Nick Saban his 7.5 million this year.

Honestly I'm shocked they thought it would work. I mean they've been fucking him over for years now, why would he trust them?

Also risks players health and safety for coaches glory. Just look at Alabama today. 35-0 in the first.

One of the many issues with college football is score running. I mean they have a term for teams as cupcakes. One more hypocrisy of the NCAA.

Looks like a lockout which isn't too surprising

I miss the west coast for sports. Much better then the east coast.

After the NWHL Riveeters moved so far south I really stopped following them. I feel a little bad but they really aren't NYC if you are closer to Philly

What will happen between the NFL and NFLPA for the new agreement?

Rewatching Dorktown episode one because I enjoy torturing myself about the :bolts:

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I'd worry about the Padres were sign stealing but based off their record I'm not

:ny_islanders: have won 12 of 13 (OTL for the other) which is really nice and surprising

NFL is holding tryouts for Colon Kaepernick. I would love to see a team sign him, he could definitely could improve a lot of teams.

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I always thought :cornhole: was a Midwestern thing but I saw it being played at a Halloween festival in Queens

I think 49ers will remain undefeated
They will be 8-0-1

If St Louis gets another football team they should be called the 48ers and have a German Revolutionary as the mascot

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