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"This could be the game" I say as they flip the coin to start the game

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If Jack-In-The-Box bought Padres stadium rights I would not stop saying "the house that Jack built"

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When you see this you know your going against the best sports team in history

PSA: The History of the Seattle Mariners was the best film of 2020

Lmao Curt Schilling is asking to be taken off the ballot next year, what a fucking baby

Barry Bonds has a better argument for the hall then Curt Schilling IMHO. Happy Curt is having a bad day right now

Oh my god I'm so fucking tired of turning on MLB Network and seeing writers and players wringing their fucking hands over Curt Schilling every fucking January, I wouldn't have voted for him for baseball reasons and I don't care how hawd it is fow the wwiters to decide about a pwayer's chawactew, wah wah he's a shithead and a bigot, I don't care anymore!!!!!

stanley cup, world series, superbowl

somewhere in tampa bay there is a coven of sportsball loving witches and they are serious as shit

Time for science!

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One thing I think we can all agree on is that there will be far too much red in the team colors to be playing each other

So :KC: have to be favorites going into the SuperBowl? I mean :bucs_old: barely held on in the second

I strongly disagree with the refs blosing the whistle that early. Allen was actually escaping and only stopped due to the whistle.

Also, let the D push him back if they can!! Its part of the game!!

hahahaha oh my god they are kicking a field goal

Sadly we are not getting the All State Bowl

:bills: had their shots and wasted it. No way :KC: let's them in now

Whoever wins this game, I really want New Hotness to whip Old and Busted in the Super Bowl

Do the :packers: and :bills: not realize the playoffs are win or go home?

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