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When you see this you know your going against the best sports team in history

Says not qualified but gave over $500,000 to Trump so I guess he has qualifications to pick the leader of the nation.

I guess USC knows that a booster like this would not be good for USC sports

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Dear protestors,

Please wear a mask. It will help to protect you in two ways. Firstly, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and large crowds are not the safest places to be. Secondly, it’ll protect your identity. As well as journalists and photos posted to social media, some police may be using face recognition software like Clearview AI.

2020 has given you every reason to cover your face. Please stay safe 💚

I thought we would have baseball this year but starting to doubt it now. Owners have gotten to greedy for too long and it seems the players don't trust this will be a one off

Has the NBA changed the rules to allow players to take a knee during the anthem or still banned? I remember they had a rule (NFL didn't but basically did with the blackballing)

Curious if FIFA follows this very reasonable and correct advice from their.

Apparently the Chick-fil-a College Football Hall of Fame was damaged. I hope it was Chick-fil-a related damage because fuck Chick-fil-a

Charger Burn. Actually probably the team most likely to benefit from not having any fans

Good on these teams. Of course the Yankees are being cheap but sadly so do the vast majority of teams (Atalanta is paying also, it was in the update at the bottom of the article)

I'm worried about Brady, having to sell his car and move to Florida?

Just reading about the 4 billion dollar takeover of StubHub completed in February of 2020.

Everything is timing

Working from home:
Pro: Can watch any day sports or afternoon sports I want
Cons: No sports

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hmmm if appears hockey is back. but at what cost

Even in this trying time we surely can come together and agree on just one thing, the Yankees suck

So the SDSU Aztecs are looking for a new stadium and right now they are serious about playing in Carson where the Chargers played. Apparently San Diego questioning just giving away land for stadiums is not good for sports. Really they should head for TJ, a lot closer

NBA has an interesting idea for return. Sometimes I forget how important Disney is in the sports world

So NASCAR is having 500Kilometer races.

America is truly over...

Looks like Toronto MWHL team now has a name and color scheme, say hello too...

My list of sports most needing crowds
1) Football
2) Baseball
3) Hockey
3) Basketball*
5) Tennis
6) Golf*
7) Car racing*
8) Yachting

*Haven't been to basketball, golf nor car racing and I think it feels right

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