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"This could be the game" I say as they flip the coin to start the game

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If Jack-In-The-Box bought Padres stadium rights I would not stop saying "the house that Jack built"

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When you see this you know your going against the best sports team in history

At leas the Giants aren't wearing those awful red uniforms (also lucky if you didn't want to see my "they are big blue, why the fuck are their wearing red" rant)

I have to say East because :eagles: deciding to take the dive that help lead to the coaches firing and QB traded off to :colts: which is just funny to me when all these teams were so bad, just that extra edge

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What was worse?

Wow, gente—in just a few hours we managed to nab four supporters and a few bones a month.

Very generous of you all, honestly.

If you want to find out what you can get for your support, look upthread—or you can just hit the link:

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by two drives I mean each team is guaranteed a drive no matter what the team with the ball first does then first to score wins

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What rule is best for NFL overtime

Okay, so earhole is a foul, they just didn't call it

Fans who go to away games are braver than the troops

And winning big is important because the system you support demands it. You could walk away from the BCS but that would be walking away from $$$$$$$

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Nick Saben comments would be a lot more appropriate if College football wasn't a major industry worst billions of dollars. If it wasn't you wouldn't be paid $10,600,000 a year. It is worth that much because it is a business that has unpaid workers

Well, I guess that was a football game of the NFL and not XFL

The Verizon ad is too much for me, anyone getting that excited for cell phone service is suspicious

Me: NFL tickets are sooo expensive, how can you expect anyone to go‽ So much money!
NFL: we hear you! How about a NFT of a ticket! That's perfect!! Now you get an NFT too!!!! We fixed football!
Me: so, when does baseball start again?
MLB: soon! Also have you heard about NFT's because now you can buy a NFT of your favorite play!

I always wanted a NFT of a "ticket" to :bears: v :lions: the that I can't even use to see the game

You can tell the NFL just hates their fans, I can't think of any other reason the :lions: and :cowboys: are on national TV today

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