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"This could be the game" I say as they flip the coin to start the game

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If Jack-In-The-Box bought Padres stadium rights I would not stop saying "the house that Jack built"

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When you see this you know your going against the best sports team in history

My mascot bracket is in ruins, much like every :padres2: season

Today I learned for the first time in history Ranger is going to pitch against the Rangers

Me when I fuckin uhh… when I’m the Ring ghost and they make me play baseball

I lost the movie bowl I can't lose the mascot vote!!

Trevor Bauer SA 

A new victim has come forward to the Washington Post, this time dating to his time as a minor league pitcher. Fuck him, fuck the :dodgers: and I hope he never plays again (hope because I know the owners all too well)

How many years out are we before a woman plays in a regular season NFL game?

This will be my first live sports event since the :ny_islanders: game about a week before a pandemic swept the land

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I pulled the trigger and got NYC Liberty ticket!

Had to delete my stub hub post because it had my real name and I'm not ready to reveal my name is Mr. Padres

Okay, NYC Liberty tickets are pretty reasonable and start next month....

Islanders leaving Brooklyn and now they suck again. That's what you get (side eye Dodgers)

Me: I just want to find a reasonable seat for the :padres2: v :mets: game
Ticketmaster: Error!!! No we won't tell you the row nor seat

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Ticketmaster app and website are just terrible

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