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hey folks, I'm Dan and I'm new here. I'm into NBA basketball (particularly the Raptors, as I live in so-called Ontario, on Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe lands). I also watch a lot of motorsports, particularly endurance racing. Please talk to me about any of this stuff!

it's 2021, I should be able to mute the audio of individual sports commentators who annoy me

I am excited for the race though, it is going to be interesting seeing them get those cars around there

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this was right after he asked brad keselowski what a rhythm section of a road course was

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kurt busch (a nascar driver) is talking up the race at circuit of the americas next week and is saying "it has 20 corners" with a real sense of awe in his voice. it's perfect

lots of soft focus going on, I think they just started their second song

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watching the indycar from the weekend and my biggest takeaway is that the camera operators at barber need to use less zoom. almost every shot is tight on a single car, which makes it hard to understand where they are on track and relative to other cars

martinsville nascar from the weekend was a lot of fun! very eventful and, as often, I'm very glad I wasn't watching live

I finally struggled through the terrible commentary. what an incredible finale to the race!

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very funny that extreme e are claiming that their purpose is to raise awareness of climate change, a thing which we have been fully aware of for literally decades now

meditating on death by listening to murray walker commentary

seeing Michael Schumacher in Benetton colours is so strange, lol

F1 bahrain spoilers 

F1 yesterday was a great race! I am hopeful for a competitive season, but the ground that Mercedes made up in just these few weeks is foreboding. I suspect max will rue messing up his opportunity to take maximum points. hopefully I'm wrong though!

now I'm watching world touring car racing, the obvious progression from f2

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