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Just experienced radio commentary of American football for the first time. Damn, that's a lot to call!

Let me just say: United, top of the league

having a shit day but United going top tonight would save it 🤞

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British athletics championships are on and honestly, as hard as it is to block out the drug taking at the top of the sport, it's really lovely just seeing people get best times or just great competitive performances at any level

Just remembered to check out what's going on with the NBA playoffs and seen that Orlando beat Milwaukee lmao, da heck??

You cannot beat a great, close snooker match at the world championship. Absolute gem here between Kurt Maflin and Dave Gilbert

Ronnie O'Sullivan is just an absolute joy to watch in this form

Ugh, Arsenal winning the cup final and an absolute shocker of a decision from the ref sending Kovacic off. Oh well, at least tory Frank can fuck off

Completely ridiculous that they've allowed spectators but god, I love the snooker being back

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They're claiming playing in front of no crowds is a new experience despite many of them having played country cricket.

English test cricket returning in spectacular fashion, losing a wicket before scoring a run and having to go off for rain after two overs. Greatest sport in the world

Putting aside the fact of premier league returning being a terrible idea, it's pretty nice that Man United are back and really enjoyable to watch

Trying to muster some hype for United playing again. V disappointed Pogba isn't starting but will be great to see the team again. Good bunch

Holland Argentina from France 98 on World Cup Rewind today 😍 Bergkamp goal obviously the highlight but he also made an incredible headed assist for Kluivert

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