Well that was a knockout main event. Belair and Banks absolutely killed it!

masterclass from Cesaro and Rollins. stunning match

simply going to blank out how dangerous and irresponsible it is and just enjoy wrestlemania with a crowd

oh sweet, Bianca Belair and Sasha is the main event tonight

they're gonna have 3 v 3 basketball at the olympics?? that's cool as hell!

enjoying watching the European indoor athletics champs this weekend. really have gone off the sport a lot with the relentless drug cheating but it's great watching good competition

Finally catching up with elimination chamber. I saw a spoiler the other day but I've forgotten what it was so hopefully I don't remember... Anyway, just posting this to use allpro 🙌

Everything about this is so deeply awful lmao. Will I nevertheless stay up til like 4 to watch it? No doubt

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Tf, it's like a totally full stadium?? Fucked up

took the morning off work tomorrow so I can stay up and watch the royal rumble lmao

said this at the start of the United match and we're having an absolute mare. sport is terrible, actually

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just thinking about how much I love sport. the most reliable distraction from life

Absolute scenes at the world indoor bowls championship. One guy is playing in shorts and in the absence of a crowd they've got the recorded clapping going. Wild

Reason I couldn't watch being that it clashed with the snooker Masters final, which has been an absolute classic

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