Holland Argentina from France 98 on World Cup Rewind today 😍 Bergkamp goal obviously the highlight but he also made an incredible headed assist for Kluivert

I miss the snooker world championship so much that I bought the snooker game on Switch lmao

trying to learn about the Tennessee Titans to impress a crush because I'm absolutely awful

There is only one thing that needs to be considered when they take a decision on whether to cancel the Premier League season and that is the craic. Voiding is the only option, unfortunately.

Ok it's really hitting me today how much I miss sports lmao

I've been watching that Holland v Czech Rep Euro 2004 game in little bursts in work breaks and god damn it was such a classic uefa.tv/video/vod/133786

allpro football(soccer) fans emergency PSA 

Yoooo, on uefa.tv you can watch a bunch of incredible matches in full for free! It's got Holland 2-3 Czech Rep, Turkey 3-2 Czech from Euro 2008, Ronaldo's hat-trick match v United. Scroll down to Classic Clash

God that Wyatt Cena "match" was incredible. The most fun thing

Hmm, I'll skip to Edge v Orton and watch that later on. Although it seems to have split opinion...

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I know they tried to just do the whole thing as normal but the announcing the contenders and posing and stuff without a crowd is so silly

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Wrestlemania part 2 time! Charlotte first. Still the best heel in the wwe

Owens and Rollins are making a hell of an effort though tbf

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Ok I'm trying with this, I really am, but it's just unwatchable

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If anyone has seen it already I would appreciate a heads-up on any matches to completely skip tbh

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