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I'm Liz, usually at but here to torment you all with my Atlanta United rambling. I love Josef Martinez, I hate Ted Unkel, and Orlando is a trash fire. I promise to CW my thigh-related lewdposting.

I watched NHL until the Cup was stolen from the Buffalo Sabres, fuck you Dallas

I will never learn what offsides means

this is Juan José Purata, he's joining :atlanta_united:, I guess he plays soccer or something, have y'all seen this

I don't really believe in curses, but this :atlanta_united: season is making me believe in curses

And now, at long last, it's time.

Decide a winner for the !

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whomstever amongst you has placed a curse of injury against :atlanta_united: please dm me, I just wanna talk

:atlanta_united:'s last hat trick was in 2018, also against the Chicago Fire lol. this keeper is going to see this goal in his nightmares

good evening I'm still pissed about Jake Mulraney being traded, and to OhFuckYouOrlando of all places

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I can’t believe bruins fans got so rowdy they almost killed a dude with the plexiglass

Tonight's the night—the first night of the , that is!

The :tortugas:, :mulos:, :cafeteros:, :citricos:, :tiburones:, :lobos:, :grises: and :gallitos: want your vote—and you can start deciding tonight!

11 people filled bracket predictions, which you can check out at this link:

The quarterfinal round—matches, polls, rules and prizes—are below!

okay but for real, Carlos Bocanegra needs to explain his fuckin self

Goodbye Jake Mulraney you Irish leprechaun. May Orlando be good to you (but screw their fans).

Me when I fuckin uhh… when I’m the Ring ghost and they make me play baseball

I've never been more upset about Alec Kann leaving us than I am right now lol

closed captions just mentioned the "Seattle Pounders" so I guess I have a new second favorite team

3 full minutes in and the whole Benz is still singing We Ready. rest well, Archie. :atlanta_united:

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