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I'm Liz, usually at but here to torment you all with my Atlanta United rambling. I love Josef Martinez, I hate Ted Unkel, and Orlando is a trash fire. I promise to CW my thigh-related lewdposting.

I watched NHL until the Cup was stolen from the Buffalo Sabres, fuck you Dallas

I will never learn what offsides means

"McGlynn being the uncomfortable filling in an unwanted sandwich"


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this is already spicy, ref better throw a card before somebody throws hands

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idgi. did all their players have a covid orgy together? what happened, boys?

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wait Charlotte's going by CLT FC? think of all the fans and players who won't be able to find them :(

NYCFC, tired of running the length and breadth of a real pitch, are taking turns resting on the grass pretending they're hurt

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20k fans expected at New England's stadium. they're so excited about that. it's adorable lol

will NYCFC remember how to play on a real pitch? let's find out tonight

lol there's no way whoever wins this trash match actually goes to the Cup, right? right?!

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