Do You Like Base Ball

Not Sure If John Carpino Has The Corona Virus Or Not But I’m Staying At Least 6 Miles Away From Him Just In Case. He Always Seems Sickly In A General Kind Of Way

Whittling A Base Ball Glove While Sitting On My Front Porch

Gonna Take A While To Break In. This Thing’s Solid Pine

Base Ball Will Come Back Stronger Than Ever..... I Can Feel It 🥎

Enjoying This Vacation. I’ve Read Thirty Dean Koontz Books So Far. Also Gained 80 Pounds But I’ll Work It Off During Autumn Training

PRESS RELEASE: I Do Not Use Human Growth Hormone, This Was A Misunderstanding When A Reporter Overheard Me Saying Bovine Growth Hormone Makes Ham Burgers Taste Better

Saw A Kid In A Wheel Chair At Aldi Today. His Mom Came Up To Me And Said He Was A Big Fan So I Went OverAnd Said Hi And Gave Him The Base Ball I Was Keeping Under My Hat

Kid Said He Didn’t Know Who I Was And His Mom Asked ‘Aren’t You Derek Jeter?”

Nice Kid Thoufh

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I would die before I voted for Derek Jeter for the Hall of Fame

🌲🌲Merry Christmas 🌲🌲☃️❄️⚾️

I Bet Shohei Otani A Thousand Dollars The Sun Will Die Before I Do So Every Day I Throw 20 Base Balls In To The Sun To Speed Up The Process

Enjoying The Off Season But Ready To Get Out There Abd Throw Some More Base Balls ⚾️⚾️⚾️

My Mom Said I Was Named After A Guy Who Makes Fun Of Movies With Puppets. Not Sure If Thats True

I Have Workd Series DVRd Do Not Spoil It For Me Please

Go Astros

Mike Trout Has A Lot On His Mind Right Now.......

I Have No Opinion On The New York Yankees — MT

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