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Hello ! I'm here cuz the Nationals are in the postseason!! Happy October! Baseball and Pokemon Go are the big things my mom and I do together, if that tells you anything about me or her 😆 I live in Boston and like podcasts a lot, and horror and various sci fi and superhero franchises. I make some cute acoustic music as Too Gay To Function on Bandcamp. Main is pronouns are they/them

Hey hey who tf wants to talk about BATTLEBOTS!! I am newly enraptured by this nerdy-ass bloodsport and I need to taaaalk abt it

Aaaaaand happy spring training! Hello allpro!! It is time once again!

Not sports,but: I have a gig near Boston! 

IM TOO GAY TO FUNCTION AND I PLAY SOME MUSIC! If you're near Boston come out tomorrow night and me + some really swell bands will play you THE COOLEST TUNES! At The Chess Company in Rockland. DM for address.
Stay gay, y'all*, and please boost/share/tell a seagull about this Dope Gig.
*You don't have to be gay to go here, it just helps

Cannot be overstated that “lol lmao Bryce Harper”

today I learned Max Scherzer has heterochromia

Well this will go down in history as the Sad Fan Series

Congrats to the :expos: on finally winning a title!!!

WHAT WHAT!!!! It's so much so good!! Loaded bases in the 9th?!!! Amazing!!

Why do the big hits happen right when I switch from tv to radio?

This is why stealing bases is good and important! I love this game!

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Welcome to! Allpro is a place to discuss sports, sports related things, etc. General stuff is fine (if you're watching the game with friends, you don't *only* talk about the game after all), but try to keep on topic.