The Bears signed a Tight End who's name is Jake Butt


Seriously. 5 goddamn timeouts and 3 fouls. Fuck outta here with this dumb bullshit

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Gonna be honest: Basketball has entirely too much stoppage and too many time outs. Fuck offff with this game already and let me go home 😤

Wildly, I believe this story. The fact that they didn't ask her to retest is sus AF, especially if she's never popped positive before. We retest at the collegiate level within 1 week if we get a positive.

Justin Fields signed his rookie contract and let's gooooooo! This is the best QB prospect we've had in a long time, and I am excited for it :bears:

gahhh there's nothing I hate more than an athlete who makes a big show of limping off the field/court and then is too lazy to do even the bare minimum to make it better. Eat a dick and lose this whole game then, kid.

As a :blackhawks: fan, it's lovely to see Sharp as a commentator bc he's handsome as ever

Also, that penalty in the 1st period shoukd have been a no call against the Knights. Bullshit, imo.

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Boooo. Fuck the Giants. All my homies hate the Giants

Sports, medicine, racism 

All I can say is WOW 😐 to so much of this, and as a person who works directly at the intersection of sports and medicine, I am extremely disappointed in this practice and hope it discontinues, not just in the NFL, but across medicine as a whole. This is an absolutely racist idea put into practice.

@glitter EZTLI!! Where is your stuff for sale again??

I have several holes in one of my biconic shirts, and they sent the completely wrong item for the other one I ordered and I wanna be reppin for Pride month 🏳️‍🌈

*sigh* I asked the person I was replacing what "challenges" I could expect to expect in this new job and he immediately said "well, first off you're a woman, which I'm sure won't come as a surprise to you..." and uggghhhhh. Every day. It's always something.

this guy at the pirates game has no shirt on and has his bare feet up on the seat in front of him which means no clothed part of him can be seen and it's very disturbing

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