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At least it won't be a blowout. Great job by Montgomery but a bummer that Cohen is still out. Having them both available would be so great

I would give any amount of money for Cris Collinsworth to shut the fuck up forever

Running to the outside is apparently a thing we're still not doing this year

Unbelievable that we couldn't capitalize on that run

@ItsJenNotGabby @JockJamJen after the lightning won they were bragging at my bro who is a Preds fan, then the Buccs won and they started calling it Champa Bay

lmao. This imaginary press conference is hilarious. Idk why Ryan Pace still has a job either. Legit *I* could do a better job. At least I give a shit about the team's success

AllPro is the best instance because we have an admin unafraid to comment, correctly, that Mrs Met is “thick as hell.”

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