Timbers win their last preason game 3-0. Ain't no pity on the Rose City :portland_timbers:

Weird that they call it One Bob when I don't think any of these women are named Bob

Said it before and I’ll say it again: a league that is actively trying to get you to throw your money into gambling is a league that is 100% rigging games.

Bengals deserve this loss. They were absolutely playing for the tie and not the win.

Thats not a ticky tacky foul. That's an absolutely incorrect call

Real absolutely not having their finger on the pulse naming a Covid product Q (cue).

Once again - taunting is funny and good, actually

Unbelievable no flags. Regular season that woulda been like 3 separate flags

@thomas 50 is gonna be winded for two straight years after being upside down for 3 minutes

Gah the number of Crypto commercials is so gross. I hate it here.

Actually, with Kendrick's song choices, this is absolutely for Black people and no one else.

In light of Brian Flores' lawsuit and the way the NFL has to constantly be dragged into doing the right thing foe it's former players, who are majority Black...


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This halftime show is absolutely for Millenials and NO ONE else lmao

I hope Eurovision For Americaᵀᴹ gets just as bananas as actual Eurovision

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