I just can't listen to JVG or Mike Breen anymore. I used to only have to rarely mute them now I just have to do it every game.

It's really something how adding something like 30 seconds to each commercial break causes the game to go from taking about 3 hours to 4 hours or more.

I think the first thing ever broadcast to my TV in 4K was an AT&T commercial .

That really sapped my interest in the game.

The Rose Bowl has been so boring and all the boomer commercials are sucking the life from me.

I was like “hey this Raw audience is way more engaged than usual.” Then I realized it was in Connecticut and these are like all the WWE’s employees and family in crowd.

There are enough Penn State fans incredulous that a "lowly G5 team" is competitive that honestly this game is a success for Memphis, win or lose.

The fact that the NFL didn’t pick the Raiders—the only professional football team they have any history of ever supporting–to put in L.A. is wild.

I turned on the TV in the hotel to look for bowl games and instead been drawn into what I can only describe as Cosmic Swimming.

‪In fantasy, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to set my roster today (and I didn’t) and I wasn’t sure if Giannis was going to play so I started Ben McLemore ahead of him and it was the right move for what I need this week somehow. ‬

Those Deluth Trading Co commercials are instant channel flips if anything else I want to see.

It's been a great day of college football.

I would've liked Utah to win because I always like to see the Pac (especially the Pac-12 South) represent against other conferences, but like, based on my own moon polls--and if I'm really honest, my eye test--I know they weren't really a top 4 team so the loss in a way is a relief.

Piling on Duke in a lot of ways is cheesy to me because it’s just another form of bandwagoning…but…it’s still funny to watch them lose because they are too entitled to expect a team to be playing them that hard.


Stadium was about 60% full st game start, about 40% full now, maybe half Utah fans.

RIPs Arizona football.

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